Thank you for your communication tips

Thank you for your communication tips

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If we do not find a common voice with our child, it will eventually become a little desperate and defiant. Just tell us the opposite of what we wanted. What should we change to make the child balanced and happy?

  • If I ask him something, he pretends not to hear it. What should I do to listen to me? asks many unemployed parents. It will be easier for you to discover the ok! He may have been very immersed in the game. In this case, all around him will cease. If you don't have to, don't disturb me. It gathers useful skills right at school when you focus so much on something.
  • If you often talk to us in vain, there is probably some communication disorder between you. Talking is not one-sided: you say something and he listens. You may not be interested, especially if you hear a lot of directions. Listen to them, respond to your requests, and encourage them to share their little results.

  • It may be a sign of the opposite when you do not move your ear stick. Perhaps most of what you have to say is in a cool way? No wonder you turn yourself off

Speak up to be interested!

  • The racket is just the right time for bad play between players. You can always change, the sooner the better! You may forget what you said to her, but never as you said and how she felt. That's why it's important to learn the right communication to help you stay liberated and more effective.

Communication tips to improve your relationship with your child

Tune in to your child's senses. Try to accept that he is a unique individual who can really feel and think like you. So empathetic! Communication should be the cornerstone of this.1. Don't pay attention to the eye, make sure you pay full attention to the number!eg. Do not listen to what happened to him in the ovens while washing. Turn around, look, feel, listen, important to you. Time spent on the second is the greatest reward.2. Don't give advice, don't make smart! Rather express your sympathy!eg.
Kid: I fell and hit my foot.
Miscommunication about Mom: - Because you never look at your foot.
Good communication with Mom: - Sorry, baby. Are you very tired of yourself? 3. Do not bag your senses! Show more understanding and help him understand his feelings and make them
Kid: Mom, the baby's arm is broken. Now what?
Wrong communication from Mom: - We'll lose our jobs! It's just a baby.
Good communication from Mom: - I believe you are sorry. You loved this baby so much, she grew up.4. Instead of commenting, it is often more meaningful if you fulfill your child's desire in
Kid: I want a cookie for dinner.
Bad communication from Mom: - No croissant, rolls.
Kid: But I want a croissant.
Wrong communication from Mom: - I told you there was no croissant. There are buns.
Good communication from Mom: - I'd love to have a croissant at home. If I could and would have a magic pencil, I would put a lot of croissants on the table here. The method is based on Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish:
  • Why is empathy the best answer to hysteria?
  • Bring it or bear it?