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Let's start with fruits in the summer!

Let's start with fruits in the summer!

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If you have already elmъlt fйlйves the baby elkezdhetjьk the szilбrd йtelek kуstolgatбsбt.

Let's start with fruits in the summer!

Let's start with fruits in the summer!

You can smell it with greens, cereals or fruits, but in the summer the choice is not difficult: the mistaken fruit will make it clear because the baby will first become acquainted. We offer it with only one new ingredient at a time and only in small quantities. It is best to start with only a few cushions at first fresh fruit juice we give it.If you grate the apple on a glass grater, we can lightly drain some juice through the beak into the spoon. Mйg no nйhбny this luscious sip lйre szьksйge csecsemхnek the age of six hуnapos elхtt. Possible to utбna will also fintorogni or цklendezni, but it termйszetes йs csupбn бtmeneti idegenkedйs. Forcing can only be done! It will certainly not hurt the baby if you get the fruit (or anything) just a few weeks less. It's important to always taste it with the right kind of fruit. The ьveg almareszelхvel egйszen fine pйppй dцrzsцlhetjьk the almбt, хszibarackot. It also does it by simply pressing the soft fruit with a fork. For a harder flesh, a bot blender or a small machine will do a good job. Egйszen kйszнthetьnk fine pйpet segнtsйgйvel them, but meglehetхsen buborйkos will vйgeredmйny. Stir it a few times and let it stop for a bit.Let's take care of the kid, how much you eat! Vбrhatjuk not to tхle to цtven szбz grams or equivalent bбrmibхl also йrtelmetlen also have mйricskйlni. If he does, he can get a boost. As a rule, that do not sugar fruit juices, and don't try foods that contain added sugar! Even sour teas do not scare children unless they are accustomed to making sweetened foods. Most fruit juices are oxidized in the bowl in minutes, which turns brown. This does not detract from the value, from the ages of seven to eight months we can counterbalance this process with a few drops of lemon juice.

When what?

There are no engraved rules on the order in which they are introduced, but it is certain that they were the way they used to be, so the little ones should get acquainted with the foods that often cause allergies. According to the current tudomбny бllбsa vбrni йrdemes not a lot of allergйnek bevezetйsйvel (glutйn, mogyorу). Nбlunk hagyomбnyosan apples, cherries йs хszibarack the start line, they can cause you have already hуnapos kortуl. For a few days at a time, you should only give one at a time. Then the first blend of well-established fruits can come.At seven months, bananas, pears, oranges, lemons, tomatoes can follow. If we find that citrus fruits and tomatoes are falling out of the baby's mouth or buttocks, wait a few months. Eight to nine months old can come with chestnuts, plums, honeysuckle, apricots, sweet melons, melons, cherries.We want to buy all year round, with:
6 hrs: apple, peach, cherry
7 months: banana, pear, orange, chestnut, lemon
8-9 hуnap: plum, ringlу, sбrgabarack, gцrцgdinnye, sбrgadinnye, cherry
18 Months: Kiwi, Currant, Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Gooseberry, Rosehip, Blueberry, Som, Blueberry, Strawberry, Strawberry, Dill

Are you frying raw?

Valуszнnыleg megemйszti baby kцnnyebben if fхtt or kнnбljuk pбrolt gyьmцlcspйppel. All glassy fruit juices are made from cooked ingredients. But most of the vitamin content is wasted. If it is important for a very poorly growing baby to be able to utilize the food as soon as possible, we recommend that you start with the steamed apple. In terms of pelus content, you can usually see how much he was able to digest what he got. Any fruit can also be mixed with herbs. In this case, it is usually more appropriate to choose an evaporation.

Even in the doldrums, it does not go to infinity!

Some examples of the storage time of the fruits and their treatment:
apricots 8-12 hr, half minute pre-cooked, cut in
fцldieper 8-12 hу, washed
mбlna 8-12 hу, washed
currants 8-12 hу, washed, rubbed

Fresh fruit instead of baby dessert

For the baby no need for lollipops, goodies, for dessert. We will not deprive you of essentials if you do not get a glass of chocolate pudding, shop fruit yoghurt or sweetened, steamed, ready-to-cook fruit. In the meantime, this can be good, but it can still be almost fresh if you fill it well with well-prepared and prepared fruit right now. It is better to have a natural, natural taste for your baby

Exotic fruits

Bar primarily home-made fruits We recommend fogyasztбsбt, the spring-tйli idхszakot idхnkйnt also vбltozatossб tehetjьk exotic ingredients.Lychee: Small, hairy, fruit-like fruit. Hйja, kцnnyen eltбvolнthatу core, delicious, freshly йdes gyьmцlcshъs fogyaszthatу.
Grбnбtalma: Apple is a large, hard, fruity fruit. If we split it, it looks like it's filled with currant grains. The sweet-sour, luscious interior can be consumed by spoiling. It is not worth having beans with the seeds, we can eat them.
pomelo: It's like a huge, slightly flat grapefruit, but not at all bitter! You can make up to two glasses of fruit with a delicious fruit juice.
papaya: Orange or peach, hard, pear-shaped fruit. If hosszбban fйlbevбgjuk, scraped black seeds, narancsszнnы, barackнzы hъsa mбris fogyaszthatу.
Mangу: It is a red plum fruit with a bright skin. Lengthwise cut two flat kernels can be easily removed. We can find it in the shape of the yellow flesh of yellow melon.

Fruits in the box

You can take your well-sealed box with you with fresh, cleaned, sliced, ready-to-eat fruit. The little one enjoys being able to eat it indecisively. He is happy to open and close the box, pack the pieces of fruit in and out, and in the midst of it try what he goes with his tiny teeth. At first it is worth remembering the fruit, although many babies can do this themselves by rubbing the apple slice as long as it remains on the skin and spit it out gently. He pours a tiny hole in the orange cloves, then drains the inside and does the same with tomato.Let's give it a try, but let's always stay close! If you are afraid, quickly remove the remnants of the mouth and upside down to burn the back. Fortunately, this happens very rarely. Tip: We cook bananas! The trampled banana is put on the table. We pick small pieces of apple and the round, and make "passengers" of mandarins, cherry berries. Sprinkle on a small fork to scoop out the fruits.
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