Don't give this to the kid

Don't give this to the kid

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If I remove the mold from the top of the marmalade, can my child still eat it? Am I going to give birth to fruits? Facts and beliefs, food safety for children.

Don't give this to the kid

1. Frozen foods. Did our grandmothers know wrong?

According to the old belief, the white mold only had to be scraped off the food (eg marmalade) and the rest could be eaten. My mother taught us that way too. But according to Nebih, this is how tйvhit unfortunately, it can cause serious illness, even with immediate symptoms. Eating moldy foods can cause allergic symptoms (itchy eyes, wheezing, headaches), and even in severe cases, starvation can occur. Bare-looking penis even a professional parent can not decide if their child can be dangerous to their health, and even if they remove the mold from the top, they can also infect the inside of the food. , freezing, moldy cheese in the fridge, or whatever the fancy made by us, let's not try, in any case let's throw it out.This is a particularly important rule for young children!

2. Raw egg or forbidden pancakes

We know well that real mayonnaise without the use of unimaginable raw eggs and countless creams is essential to the use of this raw material. But not children! Eggs are also one of our most dangerous raw materials, which can only be eaten after proper heat treatment (cooking and cooking). Because with raw eggs, unfortunately salmonella food, which - the smaller the baby - the greater the risk to your health, but kills bacteria and viruses. the egg cannot be properly treated. Well, but you don't eat such a hot meal. What to watch out for when you're cooking egg food for your child? when my eggs were younger, I found on the Nebih page that the egg does not need to be washed before usebecause washing can damage the egg's innate defenses and make it more bacterial-friendly. It is recommended that we try to clean them on the dry side.If you accidentally left unused egg food at room temperature, throw it outbecause bacteria are already multiplying in the leftovers!

3. Is the vitamin new?

Do you already know this sentence, too? But in these cases, it is very important to note the greens and fruits. My body was two or three years old when we were visiting the aunts who worked at the time. He came home when he realized that I just sliced ​​the cucumber after a thorough wash, and gave it to the kid. it is very important thorough washing and rinsing, especially for leaf and root. In addition to rinsing with water, I often put fruits and vegetables in the water to dissolve the dirt, and then rinse them with water again.

4. You'll be fine! Use of expired warranties

Be added to expires products for children - a dilemma for parents. To do this, it is important to understand that the shelf life does not necessarily mean that the products are consumable. All they guarantee is that we can guarantee the quality of the food in the meantime. In the case of dry products (eg flour, cocoa powder, biscuits, rice), it is not a problem if you remove it slightly from the shelf-life, as in my experience, for example in yoghurts, it does not cause discomfort at the 1-2 day slip level. , mean, and you can eat your baby too. However, there are foods that you should not try, and these are the foods that I would like to highlight. The shelf life of the pre-packaged trays is clearly indicated on the expiration date. Do not overuse it if you expel it from the shelf-life! When you are just starting to feed, you may have a problem with storing and using meat since you are eating so little. A great solution to this is to cook a small piece of meat (with greens), then blend and freeze in ice cubes. When you get ready, 2-3 cubes will be enough and you won't have to worry about the food going wrong. pay special attention in the heat for food safety: the right way to cool and store your food, and to treat your pizzas with enough heat!