In the middle of the body correctly

In the middle of the body correctly

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When placing the baby in a cloth, kangaroo or backpack, make sure that the rocking is very safe and comfortable.

In the middle of the body correctly

For the first three months, the cloth is the most suitable carrier: "belly to stomach" or a baby lying down. always back the back firmly, not between the carrier and the body of the baby. When leaning forward, be sure to hold your child's body in a kangaroo or kangaroo. As long as it is unable to hold the head, it is also supported by the carrier.
The foot bent in space place it, make sure it does not hang flat or trickle down. The suspension between the legs should be wide - this has a good effect on hips.
She's carrying her only place it if It is safe to live by itself. Wide flanged head cap to protect from sunlight. You may have sweated in the carry case - be careful not to frostbite when you take it out.
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