10 things you can fall in love with in your bedroom

10 things you can fall in love with in your bedroom

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When you get ready and communicate your needs, you have a better chance of giving birth the best you can.

Perhaps not all expectant mothers are aware of the small details, the small details of birth, and the exact details that the plan should cover. Here are the main points to inquire, think about and decide:

1. Where, when?

Expected date of childbirth, selected hospital, doctor, birth (what do you want if the chosen specialist cannot be reached)

2. With whom?

Cancer during labor and delivery (partner, della, friend, relative)

3. Preparation, recording

Are you allowed to wear your own clothes, do you really care about us, do you want a trim, a shave, and what are the cleaning options. It is worth asking if you can fill out the admission form at home, or at least some of the sections, whether you can read the consent statement in advance, at rest, and without any bibles. In general, it is not irrelevant whether we are aware of what we mean.

4. Press

Predictably long lures will take up to a whole day. Let's consider whether we would like our partner to be there for the duration, and clarify if the conditions have been met. What is our stance on the presence of strangers (medical, nursing, brothers or other doctors)? Do you want to be completely disturbed? Can this be solved in the chosen house? Can we demand that only our GPs give birth to internal examinations? How often will these occur?

Your partner can also be with you during the trouble

If you wear contact lenses, mention this in your birth plan and make it clear how long you need to wear it, for example, in case of a gauze. Ask if you can eat, choose the option of regular water instead of liquid infusion. Inquire about the conditions (events) you have to lie down to, and indicate in the plan if you want to walk or move around in trouble. Ask if we can freely change postures.
If your baby is okay, you may want to ask for a lumpy, lumpy check instead of a CTG for stagnation, or for the baby to be prevented from interfering with your baby's parenting process (enveloped, non-enveloped, oxytocin). Let's clarify the equipment of the living room in advance, which may be the basis for choosing between the living rooms.
Let us know what we like to do: chairs, cribs, tubs, cozy rooms, mattresses, large gymnastic balls. You can also use items that are not included in the standard room equipment when you are in trouble.
Let's write down what we want to take with us, and ask, is it possible (baby cushion, breastfeeding pad, buttermilk, fruit juice, sandwiches, fruit, sweet corn, refreshments, noodles, noodles) the first two will be in space when it is important to have direct physical contact with the baby.)

5. Analgesia

What are the options for a pregnant mother in our chosen hospital? EDA, Other Forms of Medicated Pain Relief, Inhalation of Body Gas, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Bath, Showering, Assisted with Lung Technique, Hypnosis, Nephrology.
It's a good idea to make a detailed list of options, and select the ones that you would like to see added, if appropriate. In particular, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the benefits and disadvantages of medical solutions in advance. We ask how much of a drug gets in the cavity, how long it lasts, how long it takes for the fetus to break down, and for its newborn body, what side effects to count. We can also ask you not to offer medication for pain, but to reserve the right to ask for it when you need it.

6. Further

In some hospitals, it is mandatory to be born with a dislocated bed, with snuffed feet, in a so-called cuneiform position. Let's clarify if there is another possibility in our chosen hospital and what are the conditions that make this position absolutely necessary. We also ask about the so-called "printing": can we do it when we need it, or this doctor, is going to give birth.
Is there a timeline for the expulsion phase or are the interventions dependent on the baby's goodness? Let us know if you want to look at the mirror and caress the baby's head. What role do we want our couple to play? Cut the cord, be it in our heads, go out? We are inquiring about the practice of occlusion and let us know if you want to give birth without sacrifice.

7. Immediately after birth

In case your baby is okay, ask them to lay on your stomach and not take it away after a few minutes. The best solution is to be able to stay two baby outside without the baby's clothes, but carefully covered with your mother, so you can suck on more than one breastfeeding, and the oxytocin that is produced in the mother's body is more efficient than the other.
If there is a need for intervention after birth (sewing, verifying the appearance of previous scar lines), we ask that the baby be kept close to the body, that he may not bathe, that he may bath. There is no need to separate healthy newborns, the safest solution is the immediate proximity of the mother. If the practice of the chosen hospital differs, we will ask if it is possible to change it and what the specific conditions are. Indicate whether we ask for assistance in breastfeeding. The first few moments are very important, who are still inexperienced, and it is good to ask for support if you are more experienced.

8. Cupcutting

Let us know in advance the possibilities of disarming you, and ask about the advantages and disadvantages. Anesthesia is nowadays used only in emergencies when there is no time to wait for the spinal anesthetic to be adjusted. Can we ask for our presence in the screen? Can you hold the baby while the wound is sewn? Where and when to breastfeed for the first time, who is there to help (pregnant mother can barely move, help is absolutely necessary), can we be present or have the baby in the yard?

9. After childbirth

We may ask that the Newborn's examinations be conducted in our presence. Whenever possible, asking for a day-time placement with the baby is also extremely important from the point of view of breastfeeding. A long overnight breastfeeding break may cause the breasts to overflow and cause further problems. If you definitely take the baby home at night, ask them to get it out every time you wake up, but it's less favorable than being home.
Because many babies are routinely supplied with tea, sugary water, infant formula, indicate that they want exclusive breastfeeding, supplementation only with medical advice and prior consultation with the parent.

10. Kourhazi accommodation

Inquire about the possibilities. There are also kiosks where the parent's partner or partner can stay in for the night in the paid or basic room. This can be a great help in the first few days, especially after cesarean section. When is the visit, and where can I get my visit? Please let us know our needs, especially for visiting older brothers and sisters.
There are hospitals where children cannot enter the birthing area. Let us know if we would like to spend a shorter time in the hospital than usual, we clarify the conditions of early return.
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