This is the secret of less quarreling

This is the secret of less quarreling

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If you are tired of arguing with your sweetheart, it is time to train a little instead of parapherapy: 587 mid-calorie burns a day to help you be more balanced.

This is the secret of less quarreling

A fun, fast-paced walk, cycling, jogging, lounging, and having a good night's sleep - these are the things that help us have a more balanced relationship. According to University of Central Florida staff, those who make more than 10,900 steps a day are much less likely to fight than those who make less than 7,000. Those who have a tense relationship with their co-workers and bosses, good chances continue to fight at home. This is because they are too tired and anxious to control their behavior - says research leaders Shannon Taylor According to the material published in the Journal of Applied Psychology Sleep rate and physical activity can be measured fairly accurately, how often couples fight. During the research, 118 main subjects were studied who, after completing the questionnaire, wore one week of activity-measuring devices, and finally selected the same person together.
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