The sound of the rumble helps with weight loss

The sound of the rumble helps with weight loss

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If we stay silent and listen to how we talk, we will eat less, because we become more aware of how much and what we have consumed.

According to Brigham Young University (BYU) staff, this can be a simple and effective aid in delivering extra kilos.
According to experts, there is a worrying tendency for us to listen to music and to see what we eat when we don't hear our own voice. However, it is the noise of the senses that makes us aware of the value of consumption, so we understand more than just what is needed in addition to background noise, which naturally leads to extra pounds. " No matter how quiet or culturally we eat, we feel our silence in perfect silence, and it helps us become aware of what we do, and more of what we have to say. "It's all over the table," says Ryan Elder, a research fellow at Brigham Young University.
He also takes part in the research Gina Mohr, a CSU associate agrees that researchers have so far tended to ignore food sounds as a determinant of the quantity and quality of food. "But in the midst of food, we don't mean sizzling with freshly baked salon or popcorn, but the sounds we make ourselves. .
The research was published in the Food Quality and Preference magazine.
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