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You know what nutrigenomics is?

You know what nutrigenomics is?

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If you think you can't say goodbye to the wide variety of diet guides, diets, and complex lifestyle programs, you're well on your way! Nutrients in meals are able to make a difference with our genes - says dr. Filippo Ongaro.

It is not a coincidence that spontaneous mortality is also unexpected, and that in many cases the results of the disability or the results are just short-lived. Something is wrong with our eating habits, not good for what we eat as we eat, but this is just the tip of the iceberg as we can agree Ongaro Doctor that we eat too much when we are living very far from the point of view of mobility and the environment, which would be ideal for our biological uplifting. Of course, life expectancy at birth is increasing for women, but it doesn't matter how old we are, because of the treatment of our myriad illnesses, we become permanently deprived of age.
Dr. Ongaro, who previously worked as a medical practitioner outside the European Bureau of Labor, the Gagarin Moscow and NASA, has suggested that based on his experience and recent scientific findings. In his opinion, diet alone is not sufficient, since food is not the most important attribute of food (although many diets are just that), but also the quality of its nutrients is the same: information, then a process is initiated in which the molecular equilibrium is upset, leading to a variety of diseases. And treating illnesses is costly, often unpleasant, lengthy and sometimes unsuccessful. The essence of systemic medicine is to put the emphasis on prophylaxis. Prevention rests on conveying the right information and, above all, on individual awareness and responsibility. We can't always expect a change (medicine, medicine, therapy), we have to put the emphasis on maintaining health.

Meals are more important than we think

You can read more about this at www.rendszermedicina.hua and if you need personalized advice you can get it here.


So be good!

One of the volumes of the HVG book series Filippo Ongaro It summarizes what evolutionary and modern research requires to know about one of the most important elements of health preservation, nutrition, that is, how nutrigenomics can be implemented in practice. Most important of course careful sifting of our diets. We can only agree with Ongaru that in the huge shopping mall of hypermarkets, there is just a tiny little corner that we can take home with peace of mind, because it contains no additives, too much fat, and is very fresh and fresh. you also need to start a smaller business. But today in Hungary you can already find the sources of supply of safe, good quality food and produce. Suggest, for example, that of untraceable origin, far from greens, instead of fruits buy locally produced goods that are as far away from the food as possible in industrial scale. Another pillar of the anti-aging program is calorie reduction, which has been shown to slow down the aging process of the body. Of course, calorie reduction in Ongaruna does not mean starvation, in fact! There is a need to focus on nutritious foods and foods that give our body a small amount of food. , peanut butter, 99 percent black chocolate, wholemeal carbohydrates, including brown rice, steamed greens, salmon). Of course, the diet should exclude a whole series of meals that are overwhelmingly expensive for people every day. The most stringent for the first six to eight weeks is not to eat eggs, milk or milk. However, we can agree with your suggestions, we can be sure of the positive effect, and we can kindly recommend a book to anyone who is more interested in the topic of nutrition than the average.


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