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This can cause constipation in children

This can cause constipation in children

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If the child rarely has dementia, he or she is not necessarily jerky. Szekler habits are unique throughout childhood: three times a day, as normal as twice a week.

This can cause constipation in childrenWe only talk about constipation if the baby (not the breastfeeding infant who has a fetus twice a day or just every ten days) has "no need" for more than a day, or the baby is so hard and smelly.
The reason is mostly malnutrition. Too little ballast, too many chocolates or too few liquids will dilute the crust. If the head is dry, the hard head will cause painful small cracks (fissures) on the head. The child flees to the next toilet and holds back the pet. Vйgьl the vastagbйl tъlzottan kitбgul йs йrzйketlennй vбlik the szйkletьrнtйsi elvйsz reflex, the only szйklet you have already unwittingly ьrьl, йs the vйgbйlnyнlбs бllandуan smeared (ьrьlйkkenхdйs) since the lбgyabb ьrьlйk vastagbйlben run off by the kemйny ьrьlйkrцgцk. In chronically frail children, the cataract is palpated on the lower left side and the abdomen is swollen.

The most common symptoms of constipation

  • Rare, hard, dry stool
  • A painful rampage
  • Hasgцrcsцk
  • Йtvбgytalansбg

If your child has dementia, seek medical advice. The doctor examines the child thoroughly: palpates the abdomen, palpates the testis, and performs an ultrasound examination. An examination of the contrast may be necessary to exclude organic causes. If the cause of the congestion is a psychiatric disorder, the doctor will recommend behavioral measures and the necessary home remedies for heart failure. However, psychotherapy may be recommended in a given situation.

Article Source Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle Pediatrics c. kцnyve.

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