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If the butt is red

If the butt is red

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The newborn baby's frame, when the baby is silky-tactile, has pink spots on the bottom of the pink, blisters, even brittle, moist, inflamed areas. Pelenkadermatitisz. What is it and what can be done about it?

If the butt is red

Irritant dermatitis

Even with the most careful care, diaper dermatitis can occur once or twice in most babies until their room is clean. This diaper skin inflammation in the diaper-covered skin areawhich is due to the combined effect of heat, moisture, rubbing, bacteria in the stool, and the irritability of urine. It has been especially it was also wrapped in rubber panties, holding the baby's abdomen in a tight fit. Modern, absorbent (moisture-wicking, watchful) disposable nappies protect the skin well. The prevalence of irritable dermatitis is significantly reduced, but we cannot completely eliminate it, since several factors play a role in the development of the skin The concentration of the irritant also affects the severity of the symptoms (so no matter what the baby eats) and, ultimately, how long the skin comes into contact with the irritant is also important. immune response with excreted substance) is created after contact with currency by mediating immunological processes. This allergenic substance can be a chemical, a drug, a herbal substance. For example, allergenic skin rash can also be caused by laundry residue in poorly washed textiles.

Red spots on babapopsin

Irritant contact dermatitis first red, small projections, blisterswhich, when opened, produce a sharp border, red, foamy, moisturized skin. First, the urine (at a higher pH) and the most "exposed" areas of the stool and abrasion, will have a skin problem, but if left untreated, it may also include bends. Small children may also have reddening of the eyes, inflamed skin.Afterwards, the acute symptoms become mild, and the area affected by dermatitis will remain a brownish, thickened skin. Other diseases and infections in the buttocks of infants can cause skin changes, inflammatory symptoms, especially if the skin surface is already deficient in the skin. Such a fungal infection can cause, for example, fatalities, inflammation with purulent inflammation, but psoriasis, ringworm, rigidity, zinc deficiency symptoms and even malignancy may appear on the skin. Therefore, if the spots on the baby's skin, the inflamed areas remain stubbornly in spite of the treatment and nursing, they should return to you and consult a doctor.

What can a baby do?

If your baby's skin is showing signs of inflammation, treat it with one of the ointments applied in pharmacies for this purpose. They also contain antiseptic admixtures, so they prevent the infestation of germs with bacteria, and they are also very effective, so they cleanse the skin very quickly. Diapering is one of the most important things to do in baby care, skin also plays a major role in maintenance. No matter what diaper they use: the size of the baby, the sensitivity of the skin, the frequency of the urine and the urinary frequency.It is important to change your diaper frequently, after careful cleaning of skin contaminated with faeces, urine. This can be replaced by lukewarm water (keeping the baby's buttocks or cotton pads under the tap) or one of the baby towels developed for this purpose. Soap and disinfectants are not needed, which can be irritating. frequent bathing is also unluckybecause it makes your baby's skin more likely to dry out. After removing stools and urine residues, it is also worth treating healthy skin with infant skin dry skin cream, baby oil, and swab powder to treat the sensitive skin of the buttocks. You can come with a fresh diaper or, if you have it, (in a good room or in the summer) keep your baby's skin open more often.
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