A new Hungarian test method in artificial fertilization

A new Hungarian test method in artificial fertilization

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New Hungarian discovery and a new fast and painless testing method can increase the success of artificial fertilization.

A new Hungarian test method in artificial fertilization

The human body is a network in which cells are stopped communicate with each other. Hey, what are the cells doing to each other? The rest is where you are and how you feel. The connection can be direct good neighbour's or heart's, our cells also have packet service - he explains Pбllinger Йva, Immunology of Semmelweis University for hvg-hu.Pollinger and colleagues have recently deciphered the message of embryonic cells: I could read which is the most viable, that is, artificially fertile. it will be worth planting"In this case, the embryo created from maternal and paternal cells is implanted in the uterus after five days. whether their shape is properly distributed, and then the clinicians naturally do not touch embryos, manipulate them, or manipulate them. . йs then talбltunk something "- he said the has talбltak the kutatу.Amit, kommunikбciуs the package itself, which szйnhidrбtokbуl, fehйrjйkbхl, zsнrokbуl йs nukleinsavakbуl бllу hуlyagocskбk that the kйpesek tцbbi cell kьldeni ьzenetet. The results of our research have shown that embryonic cells use this type of parcel service. Successfully embryo embryos contained significantly less nucleic acid-containing communication packages than did non-embryo embryos. In this way, we can tell which embryos are worth placing. you can reduce your twin strain which also involves birth risks. According to the current protocol, not one embryo is implanted, but more embryos are always implanted, which may result in the birth of a twin pregnancy. This is the most common cause of premature birth. "It would be better to have the embryo that has the best abilities to be implanted," says. The method developed by the researchers is also significant because it increases the likelihood of recognizing embryos capable of conception. fast, easy to doand as far as introduction in Budapest and Pecs is concerned. No matter how incredible it sounds, bureaucracy is not in the best embryo, the green light is now available in the New York City .hu-nThe full article can be found here.
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