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Best Development 1. - Love is born

Best Development 1. - Love is born

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Baby fashion in URBAN fashion! However, it is possible that mental security and mental development are based on emotional security. The heart will lead the baby to the development of the baby. Our series gives you an insight into this process.

Best Development 1. - Love is born

The story begins with divorce, since the object of our love is born after birth. But this is just a sight, as the mother and the fetus, created several months before the cord is cut, have an invisible bond that becomes stronger every time after birth. During the intimate moments of breastfeeding, mother and child are as close to each other as possible. The newborn's fragrance, fine skin and service will soon enchant the father too. The love between parents and children Gives you security. It is on this basis that almost everything else develops: perception, movement, social relations, curiosity, knowledge and experience. Fortunately, nature has given us the ability to sign: Who wouldn't marvel at the goodwill of a well-meaning mother, who would be in a hurry with her two-year-old? Or the proud dad is shocked to see his sleeping children once in the evening. Psychologists know that they are not always born into a trap this is the love of the parents, and my initial wave of love flattens amidst the hardships of everyday life. The basics are almost always good, but love must be nurtured. Circumstances are not always favorable for you to progress on your own. It may be that our own pains, fears, and remorse make our job more difficult. We can overcome the obstacles with the necessary knowledge and attention!

If you love it, let it go!

The need for patience is not limited to the first few months. An attentive parent does not disturb the baby when it is played with its beak. He notices the tiny exuberance by which his seedling emerges from the school gate in front of the classmates in a humane way. Keeps track of when your baby's heart is pushed in a school quarrel. All of this is testimony to the child: my parents and they stand by me. I'm important to them, they listen to me and they buy me. Love also means letting go of our baby when the time comes. And we also know that our three-year-old loves us even when we say "no" to life for the twenty-first time. Parents who have turned to caring for children from the outset will soon experience the fruits of it. Infants who are confident are in need of less help than the end of their first year of life and they are more brave kцrnyezetьkkel. Confidence in the parents confidence in the world develops.

Where does love live?

We believe it in the brain, but in the heart, we feel it in our stomachs. According to today's science, heartburn and butterflies flying in our stomachs also have a sensation in the head. In fact, people who feel love can report nerve activity in their brains. By affection, the effect of emotional safety on the anterior lobe of the brain, is the peace of mind directly in the forehead. This can also be detected by a computer tomography. When the child undergoes stress and anxiety because his mother, for example, is left alone in a foreign place for a short time, this area becomes hot and the picture shows an excitement. This adversely affects thinking and learning. The brain is too busy with stress. You can only kihasznбlni teljesнtхkйpessйgйt if this elьlsх terьlet resting position ъjra kerьlt.Patkбnykнsйrletek igazoljбk that love eredmйnyezhet tartуs vбltozбsokat in the brain: the azoknбl бllatoknбl that szьletйsьktхl received from kьlцnцs tцrхdйst, stress situations lekьzdйsййrt felelхs agyterьlet it was more advancedlike other rats.

Heavy yews

Maternal love not self-destructive. This is evidenced by the testimony of a 37-year-old mother of three: She doesn't have a year when I was living and staring at my baby's crib. I cried because I couldn't shake any warm sensation at the heart of my heart for that sweet, sleeping little and half a year of jealousy. I just felt like this kid was a stranger to me. And a terrific winner: Do I like him at all? We were closer to each other in the first few months. I carried a lot in my arms because he was so relaxed. But the days when I woke up at 11am, waking up at 8 o'clock at night to get to sleep, were getting more and more common. I didn't like being with him. He became nervous especially when the racket began. He struggled with incredible power to get something. He was doing big circuses just because I wanted to put on his cap or to tie his shoes. I spoke to him, first calmly, then loudly yelling. Initially, I recorded it often, only half a word later, then barely. My kid, that's how I felt, my opponent. At the same time, I knew a mother should want her child. But I did not skin.I started to figure out that is the reason for everything. Because of it, my two larger and my husband suffer, and because of that I can't keep up with the household. These were the desperate moments when I watched the pine wildly. Meanwhile, our baby became three years old. The same strong-willed child with immeasurable energy who had much more freedom than his brothers, but something had changed. He comes to Ovie and feels bigger. No longer fighting without pause. Nor do I need to be so stressed. I became calmer, and it did him good. As if we were getting rid of a vicious circle. And I am also awakened by weak feelings. For example, when I look at how carefully she puts the baby in the baby sleeper. Now, I think I have always had this love somewhere, just wrapped my eyes in strenuous everyday. Fatigue has made me blind and deaf, and I haven't realized the little, wonderful moments our children are asking us for.

Asking about love

Can Parent Love Be Fired?
The sincere love that comes from it never goes away. But few also have much to do with the excitement of the intestines, which some parents harass the child with. We better get used to the idea of ​​having a baby more and more letters are coming to us, let's take it and respect it if you want to do something, if you want to do something without it, if you want to play it alone. The best guiding principle is that the love of the parent will do everything to make the beloved girl once and relieve her. We must live with this contradiction.What should a person who feels like he or she does not like to have a child?
Perhaps it is just an understatement for such fears. Some parents think that love is always beautiful, pleasant and heart-warming. Korбntsem. The love many times strenuous. Especially because we tend to put our own spiritual problems at the people we love. Those who are indifferent to us are left cruelly.Sometimes the conditions do not work, there are times when children get nervous. There are parents who have to live in a hostile environment. However, it is important to know that love does not completely disappear in difficult times. She just needs to be back. Often, a little shake-up, and in March, comes up. As a result of illness or a painful accident, for example, feelings of a stranger to a child are raised.How do you know I love you?
He does not know, but cares for a small child. We can show our love in the most natural way by touching: nurse, breastfeed, tickle, massage, get in the way with it. That's it emotional warmth add the bra that you need to develop. If parents are very restrained and do not engage their children in sufficient physical contact, they will develop an emotional deficiency. . There is only one command that can stop you: if your child gives it to us, you are fed up. You will need to accept your tokens.

Roots and wings

A wise saying to the kids need first roots, shorter wings. They make a fuss when they feel safe with us, and there is some parental encouragement for wingspan support. We do this when
- let us control our games and play;
- allow our three-year-old to sleep alone on freshly-cooked eggs;
- we fall behind and allow our survivors to do the last, traffic-free section of the door leading to the door. We show our love
- we're going to get it right;
- shortening the safety belt;
- ask for a sleep if you ask something;
- we do not lose everything every time we chase;
- console him after he has fallen, though he has been warned before or twice;
- we also provide good accommodation when we go back to work;
- not telling our baby that we are feeling unwell;
- we are not grieved;
- we are not angry with him.Related articles: