5 fantastic Christmas fad s.k.

5 fantastic Christmas fad s.k.

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Here's a Christmas tree gift from the Kids' Room blog, which you can create at home - and with your child. Come back and see the cavaliums of the gifts, if you start now, the tree may be full of candles!

An idea for the recycle sign has begun: if you're as lazy as you are not throwing out the spilled light bulbs but just screwing around in the closet, now is the time to get ready. Then you just need glue, but a big dose and some glitter. But also a big dose. These glittering light bulbs are no more fragile than the glass ones, in fact.

These circles shine beautifully

You may have seen countless similar ideas on the Kids' Blog, so here's another one. This, I think, is the simplest so far, and it really depends on the technology for managing the ink. Because this felt just needs to be cut out and then hanged on a carpet - or a line - depending on the property. Kйsz.This tea gift was made by gluing and painting as well. Again, the glitter of Christmas was given by some glitter powder. And even before someone started dressing up, I saw a dress like this in the big swedish home decor.Do you have a non-usable pile of paper at home for a pile of packaging? Make Christmas Fever! For these wonderful balls, you have to cut the wrapping paper into thin strips and then stick their ends together.These simple birds can also be made from clay, sour-flour plasticine and resinable plasticine. If we also print different messages on their bellies, we will have our most unique Christmas. As far as I am concerned, this is no less a good idea if you make it in a set, you can give it to the grandmas in a nice box.Welcome to the Children's Blog! You can read the whole article here with countless more genius ideas here, click!Other Super Christmas Ideas: