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8 surprising facts about the twins

8 surprising facts about the twins

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Here are 8 interesting things you probably didn't know about twins (and twins).


1. The twin mothers are approx. 2.5 inches higher than average height women.2. Women who regularly consume dairy products are twice as likely to have twins than those who do not.3. Twelve quarters of twins are left-handed, as opposed to single children, who have only 8 quarters. Double-born twins are twice as likely to give birth (6 out of 1000 children are born with 6 twins and 8 double-borns) .5. Even though the DNA of the unicorns is 100 percent, the duplicates are only 50 percent.6. The twins are consciously communicating with each other at the 14th week of pregnancy. 40 of them also form their own small language.7. Between 1980 and 2014, the number of twin parents increased by 76 percent. According to a 2012 study In Hungary, there is one twin birth for every 62nd birth. The number is growing in Hungary as well.8. In recent years, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain and the Czech Republic have the highest rates of twin births, with 40 per cent of live births according to the CSO. The twins is not necessarily born one day. Although the most typical difference is a couple of minutes, there are even more extreme situations: the longest period between twins was 85 days.10. In rare cases, twins may not have the same father. Because sperm live for 4-5 days, it is possible that during this time another hormone sperm will fertilize the egg (or eggs).Other interesting things about twins:
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