Free chat rooms for parents of premature babies

Free chat rooms for parents of premature babies

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Nearly thousands of families per year are affected by premature birth. In addition to babies, parents are also in need of help, which is why a monthly regular chat with psychologists was created.

About ten thousand families a year are having their baby arrive earlier than expected. This situation is very difficult for parents to support, and NaturAqua and the Early Childhood Education Association (KORE) can help this by organizing monthly, national-level psychological meetings.Free chat rooms for parents of premature babies Nationwide at 16 locations, monthly and free group discussionsled by psychologists. Among the professionals who apply for the program, the president of KORE, Zsuzsanna Felyldvri-Nagyand an associate professor at ELTE, dr. Renbta Cserjesi szigorъ criteria vбlasztotta the most suitable for the job pszicholуgusokat alapjбn. "The PICs professzionбlis ellбtбsбn the felkйszьlt osztбlyok йs hozzбйrtх professionals segнtsйgйn tъl the szьlхk mentбlis tбmogatбsa, tбjйkoztatбsa is essential. We ourselves meglepхdtьnk what mйly traumбk kerьltek felszнnre the beszйlgetйsek so far sorбn, And this further strengthened our commitment to the continuation of the program, given that there is a real need for early-stage parents to support all over the country, "said the president of Kore, Flanders. emphasize the importance of avoiding the sensation of isolation that parents of the infant recognize that they are not alone. Autumn meetings will focus on what can keep and try to break up the family. "Research also confirms that prematurely born children can take on a developmental pathway other than the prematurely. from early development to social inclusion, and while most of the mothers bear on their shoulders, the rest of the family feels the same way. "The support of NaturAqua offers the opportunity to operate the program in more parts of the country and to get more people into the world," said Dr. Renátta Cserjesi, senior lecturer at ELTE. Chat rooms are free to visit, dates and venues can be found on the early days website and on Facebook.
  • Touching stimulates the brain development of preterm infants
  • If the baby comes early
  • Music therapy can also help the development of premature babies


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