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It is also a mild infection of the chicken pox

It is also a mild infection of the chicken pox

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Every year, 30 to 40,000 children fall ill at home with varicella, and it costs about 100 in every household. Two thirds of children infected with the disease, which sometimes causes dangerous events, are still in school.

Spotting the doctor again - the mild winter season favors the development of infectious diseases, with fists, bumps and itching, for up to 2-3 weeks, you can also get chicken pox.

Two-thirds of children with varicella are in pre-school age

90 children are children even in high school it does in this unpleasant illness that could be prevented with a double dose of vaccine. According to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, infected children can cause about 6 outbreaks of the disease, and around 70 outbreaks of childhood cancers. Magyarorszбgon About 300 children with chickenpox need hospital care each year.In our country, varicella is the most common reported infectious childhood disease that infects children in pre-school age in two-thirds of the disease. Rashes, itching, and infections caused by fever, in some cases, can also require medical treatment. The infection is caused by a virus that causes drip infection, and because it is extremely contagious, it is likely that most children will become infected after it has been wandered into wilderness or kindergarten. After a long latency period, the patient is largely symptomatic after 14 days, however, as soon as the appearance of the rabies, the patient is Epidemiological Center (OEK) data based. In 2016, he made the decision According to the National Center for Epidemiology (OEK), 17,000 infections have been registered in Hungary by the middle of April, exceeding the annual average number
  • There are 30-40 thousand cases of varicella in our country every year, 1% (300-400 toddlers) need hospital care
  • 90% of children fall ill with fever, rashes and itching
  • in two-thirds of cases, children are infected by the time they reach school, one in every 100 children is hospitalized
  • In Europe, 70% of children being hospitalized because of incidents are under the age of 15
  • the majority of the events are endangering healthy children and can lead to mortality without treatment in immunocompromised patients
  • Two doses of vaccine can be protected from the age of 9 months

Varicella can also cause severe cancer

- Pancreatitis is a mild disease, but it can also cause serious events such as encephalitis and pneumonia. In rare cases, it may be fatal or result in severe cardiac failure and may be associated with small nervous system residues. The most common cause is superinfection of blistered skin on different parts of the body, which often causes scars that remain after healing - he called attention Dr. Muzsay Giza a vice president of the Home Pediatricians Association.- Although little is known to the skin, it can cause inflammation of the cancers of the heart, liver, or the bone marrow. One of the most common neurological komplikбciу the cerebellum йrintх jуindulatъ gyulladбs - he hozzб the szakember.A bбrбnyhimlх szцvхdmйnyeivel doctor kerьlхk jelentхs rйsze was completely egйszsйges egyйbkйnt korбbban - igazoljбk the Holy Egyesнtett Istvбn йs St. Lбszlу Kуrhбz Gyermekintenzнv Osztбlyбnak data, according to which the йs 1993 2006 kцzцtt бpolt Of the 98 patients with varicella, 76 percent had no other previous illness.

Preventing double-dose vaccine - The decision is in the hands of the parents

Two-thirds of the patients are under the age of 6, but the most common occurrence is between 3-5 years. Not only can varicella be dangerous to immunocompromised children, it can also be a preventive condition in completely healthy children. Vaccination against cancers megelхzhetх. After one year old, but it was definitely recommended to vaccinate children against the disease before going to community. OEK recommends that it is best to give children 16-18 months of age, at least 6 weeks outside.Dr. According to Muzsay Giza, it is advisable to vaccinate children at least once a year, but before moving to the community, with the 2 vaccines given at the appropriate time based on the vaccine schedule. "Going into wounds, virtually every unvaccinated child gets the disease, which can quickly lead to the onset of viral disease. is a powerful tool in defense. "

Not a family-friendly illness

In a family, the infection of the second or third family member with varicella usually results in a much higher rate of discharge, a more severe course, and a longer duration. If the nursing child receives vaccination, it can also prevent their smaller brother - or the infant mother who has been infected from infectious disease - who may not be injured because of his or her age or condition. high infection rate Because of this, in a family, brothers and sisters can cause successive illnesses within a short period of time, so one parent may be out of work for long periods of time.


There are many public misconceptions about the treatment of the disease. It is important to note that proper treatment can reduce the risk of developing events. Many people think it is better to know if they have severe diarrhea or to develop cystitis. it does not burden the body, in fact, it stimulates the immune system to function.

Adult Pancreatitis - Not Like The Stars

We must not forget that varicella is not only a pediatric disease. Those who did not fall asleep in childhood are still fragile in adulthood - the Hungarian adult population is affected by 10-15 percent. Adult chickenpox usually has a more severe course and multiple risks.Adults also have to account for the yeast, which is caused by chickenpox due to nerve inflammation. The disease is also caused by varicella virus, which is responsible for varicose veins, so that when the varicose veins are damaged in the child, the blood vessels become less active and less active. During the boxing illness of Michael Koutai, a needy and five-month-old baby had to leave home for a few days due to the risk of infection. And in December 2014 Angelina Jolie his illness called attention to the importance of protecting against varicella.


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