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Nasal surgery, almond-shaped childhood

Nasal surgery, almond-shaped childhood

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It is understood that we hold parents to any medical intervention that may be required in the case of our child. But when is it worthwhile to opt for a nose extraction and almond opening?

Nasal surgery and almond opening in infancy

Numbness, tartness, inflamed almonds, snoring at night, ear burns, hearing loss. These are all symptoms of obesity and, unfortunately, if they are regular it can take place even for surgery.It is reassuring that these are not complicated operations today, they do not need to be hospitalized for a long time, and the little one will be relieved, as the child will become ill more often afterwards, in the background of sleep disorder, the cases of nasopharynx are very large, so nasal tonsil surgery is probably one of the most common surgical procedures in childhood"-says Dr. Buddha Bernadett specialist in lilac-nasal surgery.

Dr. Buddha Bernadett

The annual Amanda, most notably since the fall of the year, has had persistent recurrent tonsillitis and regular cold sores. High fever and other discomfort with all of its symptoms. They have been regularly treated with several antibiotic treatments, facial cleansing, and supplemental therapies, as well as visiting the cave. His convalescence was down, he was permanently missing the ovibul and his little brother was in danger. The three-year-old had to be kept on guard to keep him from catching the tumor. "I was really excited because I didn't know what this surgery was going to be and what was it really good for us ?! conditions are good, your bill is starting to come back "- he tells Bloody Anita, Mother.

When does the doctor recommend nasal surgery?

"Frequent upper respiratory infections, recurrent middle inflammation in childhood very often in the background, the nasopharynx is filled. Elimination is recommended if you repeat the cataract several times a year, hearing loss may occur, causing blocked nasal passages. Not age-related, the time of exception is determined by the child's complaints, although it is more fortunate to have surgery over the age of 2 because of the stabilization of immune functions, "the specialist says.

Surgery and post-operative recovery

"Surgery is always performed under anesthesia. Because of the short duration of the procedure, the anesthesia and the wake-up process, it may take 30-60 minutes to complete the procedure, and a night's rest is kept and observed. hazaengedhetх. The nasal tonsil surgery is not very painful in itself, in the post-operative period. Children are very tolerant of the procedure, when it is only the removal of the nasal tonsil which is considered to be more painful. During the healing period, it is advisable to continue with a more comfortable lifestyle for 7-10 days and to avoid the need for the child to avoid infections. "

What does almond chewing mean and when do they need it?

"The almond opening does not refer to the nasal tonsil but to the throat. This type of intervention removes not the entire almond, but the part along the pharynx. The most common indication for such intervention is intermittent dormancy in childhood sleep, snoring caused by enlarged tonsils that squeeze the throat area. If these types of complaints are accompanied by frequent inflammation of the throat, 5-7 times a year, it is better to remove the entire tonsil, "says Dr. Buda Bernadett.

The intervention and the healing that followed

Just as nasal surgery does, alopecia is performed anesthetically by physicians. The period of healing in this case is significantly slower and more painful than the post-nasal surgery. However, the entire throat is less sensitive to removal. It is important that you take care of your baby's pain afterwards, try to relax, lighten your body and give him a strict diet for a few days. This will also help you to speed up the healing process and minimize the risk of post-clearance.
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