Cerebral Palsy with a 6-month-old baby

Cerebral Palsy with a 6-month-old baby

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A 6-month-old infant in Hevens lost his life on Tuesday. The process of bacterial infection of the baby was so fast that immediate medical intervention could not save her life.

The parents did everything, acted immediately - rushed to the doctor as soon as they noticed the symptoms - the signs - the small - read on Last night (June 5th, Monday) there was no indication of the disease, Monday night the baby slept restlessly, and in the morning there was an outburst on the body.The home doctor took the necessary steps. An ambulance helicopter arrived on the scene - Heves - but the bacterial infection (meningitis epidemica) that went with sepsis was so rapid that it was impossible for professionals to save the baby's life.

Infectious meningitis has an extremely fast course

What You Need to Know About Inflammatory Brain Inflammation?

In Hungary, meningococcal strain B and strain C cause most children with B disease. Latency: 2-10 days. Bleeding under the caverns can develop and very quickly lead to death. Can be treated with an antibiotic.

Here are the symptoms of BSE:

- Fuck
- underwear
- Transition
a shrieking voice changed
- homogeneous posture
- painful movement when moving
- an uneasy flush
- protruding well
- behavior change
- muscle spasmsChildren and adults over 1 year of age:
- neck or back pain
- strong headache
- undersides,
- clutter, restlessness
- irritability
- confusion, consciousness
- Fuck
- Transition
- muscle spasms
- lightening
- madness, madness
- insecure, heartbreaking
- cervical stiffness
- lying in a hunting dog posture (sideways, with feet on the back, head backs up, despite bending it forward)
in severe cases a body exits appear, more and more. These announcements are small checks that indicate a very serious condition. (Take the glass test: If you put the glass on the trigger, and the trigger will not go away, then you have cerebral palsy.) These articles are also important in brain inflammation:
- If you notice these symptoms in your child, call the ambulance immediately!
- Infant and toddler disease
- What do you need to know about cerebral palsy?