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Regular diet instead of diet

Regular diet instead of diet

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On average, twelve kilograms of body weight gain can be considered healthy during the nine months of pregnancy.

Obstetricians are stricter with those who start having childbirth at an early stage, suggesting a more modest home for them. In the case of very high body weight, it may also be appropriate to have a doctor under medical supervision. At most, this means that the average monthly weight gain stagnates instead of one kilogram of weight gain, so a pregnant mother will lose weight just as much as she did at the beginning; A diet held at risk to the health of the mother and the fetus. Many harmful substances are stored in the fatty tissue, which, by fattening, are deposited in the bloodstream and thus pass into the fetus and breast milk. Weight Loss a it is not advisable during breast-feeding.

Exercise only in very justified cases and under medical supervision!

Overexposure can put a strain on the body itself, and during pregnancy, hormones also loosen up. We can change our eating habits on the basis of our dietetic advice, as calorie accounting alone is not the right method. Even at the end of pregnancy, the daily energy requirement is only 300 kilocalories, but the fetus needs a steady supply of energy, white blood, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, it is better in case of overexposure often, eat little.At the big breaks between meals, your blood sugar level drops too much. This is not good for the fetus either, as we can only suppress wolf's hunger with a large portion of food. We can cover enough calories with carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes), but reduce fat intake dramatically. Keep in mind that the cakes, cakes, entrees, cheeses, and all sorts of measurements contain a lot of hidden fats.It is ideal to eat at every meal fruits, greenery. Worth twice a week salmon, herring fish also contain fatty acids that are important to the fetus. Sea salmon and cod are particularly rich in jute. rich in white Foods are very important during pregnancy, along with fish, poultry, dairy products and eggs. They contain a lot of nutrients hьvelyesek, beans, lentils, and pepper should come into the bowl once a week. And instead of eagles with oil It's a good idea to have some food.