You are in a state of flux in Borsod's residential homes

You are in a state of flux in Borsod's residential homes

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After a cumbersome examination, it was discovered that your serious condition prevails in the homes of Gymnasiums. There are no games, no water blocks and the residents of the home are afraid.

You have a serious condition in a specialty home in GymnasiumAttila Lбpossy, Head of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights spoke on ECHO TV that his extensive probation revealed that you had a serious condition in a specialty in Tornanabad in Borsod County -
In this residential home, there are 8-10 children living at home, in dreary, rundown conditions: water blocks are inadequate, handles are missing, even the minimum conditions are not given for children. In homes, there are traumatized, empowered children who have been lifted out of their families. For kids in residential homes they have no personal belongings, no toys, I can't spend my free time literally.The head of the department also said that the kids are afraid, physical and verbal punishments kill them locally, only educators can move around with their care, so the relationship with the locals is so bad. They cannot produce green fruit, because the locals steal them, threaten the children, and bring them in. Where such conditions prevail, you have to think about either raising your status to an appropriate level or eliminating it. Attila Lápossy, a locally-operating member school, has been extensively examined and is not all right: there is no prior work, no teachers, no specialist teachers, no adequate education for children.