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Starting April 11, the Creative Media Course at Central Media Academy will start. It may be of help to those in whom the lust is already there, or may have been for some time, but there is a need for professional support and the productive power of the discourse.

Motherhood opens new paths. Your inner self will open up, you will become more familiar with the world. They can also open up perspectives, creative channels that you may have stifled or did not know about. Are you feeling, imaginative, or creating something special with words? A creative source of inspiration and professional help for your sparkling ambitions and talents is the Creative Media course.

The experience gained can help you break two turns

Mark Leonura chiefly the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, New York. He is also active in publishing (mainly Jaffa publishing), translating, editing, editing. The incomparable Mr. Yorke, The Vampire Attractor, the author of the Hellinger-Madonna books, and now a mentor who wants to share his curious talents with the talented leaders of the course. You have been asked about the course posting and details. Based on your experience over the years so far, how can the course best assist participants? M. L.: - Until I started teaching here, I thought the attendees would basically need help to get through the arduous technical-professional hardships. Then, in my work, I was surprised to find that the biggest obstacle for many of them is psychological, that they need support to be able to start dreaming. I think the average Hungarian woman's environment is not particularly supportive, on the contrary, almost all contributors have received comments such as "this will work for you", "why do you want to deal with it", etc. If the course turns out to be something else, it is not worth worrying about it, not for our family members or acquaintances, but for ourselves, it can give you the necessary impetus.
Can this course give you a kick out of the way even those who are completely in the beginning can evolve?
M. L.: - We usually say that the longest starts with the first step, doesn't it? Everyone was a beginner, the point is, not to be afraid to make that first step, because the rest will follow. Ultimately, you don't need any special equipment, just a laptop or a pen, if you still have someone at hand and a butt to sit down and start. However, lust is a request for intrinsic motivation, and this motivation cannot be given to anyone else. Just as we cannot welcome a linguist there, expecting to wake up one morning, we can speak English, so we need active effort.
How else is this course compared to other courses? M. L.: - The functioning of the Media Academy within a complete publisher framework allows participants to get a more detailed picture of how publishers and the book market work. And really good news can even appear on print or online editions.
Does the course work in the classroom work well? How Can You Help Talent "Career"?
M. L.: - New, imaginative, talented, creative and hardworking authors are always needed everywhere, and if one does, it can find its way to appear. I've heard many times about Elle that "you can't get there," which is generally not true if someone brings a well-written, interesting article to them. In our most recent issue of March, we also published a report, the author of which, I met Marcsi Mészegyget, in a recent creative writing course.

About applying

You can apply for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 courses with a curriculum vitae and a cover letter at [email protected] by mailing March 30th. The course can be scheduled with work and baby: from April 11th to June 6th, the Uhr will run every Saturday from 10am until 2:30 pm. More about the course topic and application conditions: Central Media Academy
Photo: Emmer Laszlo