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In the midst of my defense, I defended my diploma

In the midst of my defense, I defended my diploma

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Zsuzsa thought that everything was perfectly organized. But destiny holds excitement for everyone.

He was defending his diploma during the press

Zoli we are fourteen, we have been seriously thinking in the last few years that it would be a good idea to get involved in a baby project. Before that, however, I definitely wanted to get a PhD, which I started six years ago. Since everyone was screaming that the doctors wouldn't get their baby together because of the stress so much, I thought, "Let's get started". So we were the exceptions: our baby was conceived for the first time on our first try!
In August, it turned out that the little girl was far-flung, so to my surprise my doctor, dr. At week 34, Attila Kiss set the date for programmed cesarean section to be September 27 (I was originally scheduled for September 30). I started my PhD defense organization. It turned out to be no small task, moreover, it was suggested that the problem should be resolved after birth. Well, no! I was able to arrange all the requests to organize the banquet on two occasions, on September 10, at noon, three weeks before I canceled.

From university to hospital

The big day is coming. That day, I had time to go to the Gypsy. My baby was afraid of CTG and then glanced at the result and asked me, incidentally, if I had cobblestones. I didn't feel anything different.
Fifty minutes later, I got to the doctor's office. He checked it, looked at the CTG result, and he just said, "Huh, Zsuzsik, then today we should drop that shot… "Cold shower, I shook myself. The doctor said I wouldn't let any other go home like this, because I can be terminated at any time and just let go of my defense because there will be room for a doctor ... but I can't go home again !
I surveyed my defense site, my former workplace, my research inventory. My first job was to get the situation up and running with my supervisor and professor. My secret was word by word, so everyone finally knew I was in need.
By some miracle, I did a good job leading up to it, and apparently nothing seemed to me beyond my confidence. Directed by the (former) MÁV-Khrhzz. CTG showed ever-growing ferns. By then I knew there was nothing to do, we had to accept that we were born. Everything happened so fast that Zoli and I couldn't stay alone for a while, we couldn't discuss the situation.
It was a great relief when I was in the living room, at the window, in the newborn. The surgery was fast. I was afraid I was going to feel the end, but the anesthesiologist commented on what was going on, and you had to hear "the end was over" and then "there was a butt" at 18 and at 39 minutes , 2550 grams. They held my head for a second, but they also took me to the Newborn. I took a bath and brought it to me to meet you.
It was so strange sensation that I was there before that she was really my daughter. The nine months of waiting now had such a weird, sudden end. I felt very served away from my baby and generally I didn't like the idea of ​​the cup. The phones came in, my best friend from Italy called me and gave me some good advice to get started right away, or at least try it. Then I realized that I had so far considered breastfeeding so natural, but what if it didn't work, mainly because of the cup?
I was able to go up to my little one on the mornings. I asked if it could be breastfeeded, but I said there was no special place for it, so I would wait until duluten when I was in bed. I could only occupy the bed hanged on Dutlan 2, but at least we've been together forever. I've always been waiting for them to come to help, but the babies - just as good - have come to us soon enough.
In addition, a bunch of water has fallen out of diapers (the baby bottle has spilled water from every baby), so we advised you to try to breastfeed even less ... just a little. In the end, I couldn't help but apologize for what I allowed it to turn out, but then I was very inexperienced. Luckily there was nothing wrong with the thing: Luca's baby sucked beautifully, my milk started up very quickly the next day, and I didn't give her any more sugar. On the third day we went home, he ate 70 grams! His record has been doubled since he doubled the weight by three months!
Even with the beautiful baby in my hand, it took me a long time to realize that this was how it turned out. There was a lack of parenting, mental tuning. Fortunately, this part of the memorable day has been forgotten and my baby's healthy development has begun, and now I think it must have happened. Lucam will be able to tell an anecdote about how a full-time doctor and researcher became involved in birth…
Dr. Zsuzsanna Horváth, Budapest
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