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What can you do if you reject the party again? We give you some tips!

What can you do if you reject the party again? We give you some tips!

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She's used to the party, she's been using it for a while, and then one day, an accident stops. What can you do if you start rejecting your party again?

What can you do if you reject the party again? There are hardly any words of pride that you feel when you have successfully familiarized your child with a party. After all, the familiarization period is usually a nightmare: it comes with a lot of dirt, makes it difficult to leave the house, and can also be very depressing when it comes to initial failure. But when it comes to success! Wonderful sensation when leaving the diaper, By the end of the day, the child can change to a normal low and cease to have a diaper without diapers.Yeah, but what if a move comes in, a new little brother, a kid in a new relationship - maybe a bigger change in life - and then he starts peeing again and again? This is the time when you can get used to the party. Here are some tips to make it easier to bear: the first and most important thing to know is that it often happens to children so you are not alone!

Don't make the baby sick

It can be frustrating to deal with accidents when you think your child has become accustomed to the party, but do not try to behave in a frustrating or frustrated manner. Try not to get overwhelmed, as negative attitudes can further strengthen peer rejection. Phrases such as You're so old, you've been doing this for years, how difficult can it be? all strengthen the child's sense of well-being. Instead, treat the situation calmly, such as: Oh, your clothes look damp, as if stained. Come on, let's find you another one! The calmer you are, the more you can reassure your child that these accidents are completely normal and will be able to get through this period.

Have a routine

Add bathroom breaks to your child's agenda so that billiards can work again. For this, it's worth using natural transitions, like getting ready in the post season or going out to play, going to bed, etc. You can use verbal support like this before we go out, we always use the bill. This is a natural motivation for the little one to use the potty.

Get in the feed

If the problem has changed, you may want to involve your child in the cleaning process: you can bring a wet cloth to clean the floor, remove the pee and put it in the laundry, and choose a clean clothes for the wardrobe. This helps them to be more responsible for the party, and you realize that it is much nicer to deal with an accident than simply looking at a party.

Choice options

One of the reasons a child refuses to use the potty again, especially when making big changes in his life, is to keep it under control. It's just worth leaving choices and letting go, to check each part of the process. Let him choose which underwear he puts on, so he can decide whether to use the potty or the regular toilet. They seem tiny, but for a kid, they mean being able to control these processes so they don't need the boycott of a party.

Extra attention

Occasionally, rejection of the potty is due to the child's need for more attention - especially when a new baby arrives at the house. The big one is seeing how much you care about the little one, like changing the pelus and he also wants to get more attention. That is why when you are partying, always try to keep as much attention as you can, thus preventing any minor accidents.

Be consistent

Are you going on a holiday? Are you expecting a long car? You may be tempted to give the kid a baby again, the more consistent you are, the easier it will be for the child to get back to the party. After vacations, many children struggle with the use of the potty if the parent gives diapers during the holidays. instead stick to the billing so your little thing will be simpler too.(VIA)Related links: