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Wooden Cubes Thinking How can big cubes play with wooden cubes?

Wooden Cubes Thinking How can big cubes play with wooden cubes?

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Get your old wooden cubes out, get some board paint, some chalk and you can start playing!

When the kid becomes a big, big group ovis, a little schoolboy, it's really big big and big, the wood cubes are a little behind, they have innumerable games and development opportunities.
We can simply help with this. No need for more, just a little board paint, it comes in a myriad of colors and small packs. Let's paint a few cubes with board paint.After drying, you only need one package of chalk and you can start working:
  • The child can draw letters on it, which can then be used to write simple words.
  • Placing and drawing them close to each other can have a unique puzzle.
  • You can make a cube, you can practice multiple cubes, for example, add up the numbers you throw or say which one is bigger.
  • The cube can also help you complete tasks. Draw the activities on the page, such as packing, dusting, feeding the pet, and then the kid throws out just what to do. You can also slip in some funny surprises, so the kid will be more eager to take on the task.
  • It can also help you get up in the morning and go to bed at night: it is easier for a child to accept brushing, for example, after such a dice roll.
  • We can roll the cube, be it a dessert for the week or a family friendly program that day.

  • The possibilities are endless, let's just trust the kid!
  • Cooking in many ways
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  • Fingerprint - Games at your fingertips

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