You better not give this to this kid

You better not give this to this kid

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A piece of metal was found in a Rossmann puffed corn product. The National Food Chain Safety Authority asks everyone not to consume the product.

You better not give this to this kidDuring a corporate inspection, I found a German piece of ROSSMANN in seafood, puffed corn products made in the Czech Republic. One of them (the brand of enerBIO) also came to domestic stores. Nibih was reported by the German through the RASFF system.Identification of the product:
  • Product name: Puffed corn with sea salt
    (Maiswaffeln mit Meersalz)
  • Brand: enerBIO
  • Hungarian Trader: Rossmann Hungary Ltd.
  • Packaging: 115 g
  • Date of issue: MHD 07.12.2019D
  • RASFF reference number: 2019.700

The Nebih is asking who bought the product, do not consume it.Because of the rapid action taken by Nabih and the business, the item concerned is no longer commercially available. On the website of the Hungarian distributor, you have notified all your customers of the product recall:


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