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Dummy: Yes or No?

Dummy: Yes or No?

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There are mothers who try and soothe the pacifier and consider it natural, and there are those who consider it a huge hit, making it blacklisted. Let's also see some slips and checks!

Dummy: Yes or No?

Is that okay…

I was fortunate enough to have experienced two boys moms cumming on your bad side egyarбnt. Did I bring all my babies in a baby-friendly house? where is the dummy known to be a dummy ?, one of my roommate's nurses said goodbye to her in the following words: "... and called my attention to the dummy's institution!"
Because in some cases it can be a choice for babies and moms. Both of my sons were very abdominal. With the first kid, you still have principles, he thinks he'll spend the world in parenting, but of course the point comes when he wakes up. So when I didn't wear the stomach anymore, at the suggestion of vhidna we tested the pacifier.After many nights of sleepless sleep, we experienced a soothing effect within a short period of night. From now on, I didn't care who thought about it. Of course, it is well known that babies who are soothed with cicin do not look better, but for a short time, soothers can relieve their mothers. Once I gave up my previous principles, I thought I'd try to do it wisely, "control" cumming, for example, not to let a child have his mouth shut if he didn't have to. He got it when he was very uncomfortable when nothing else was in use.
But it also helped us fall asleep: in monotonous dudling, it was just a dream, and the pacifier went out of his mouth. We can say we are lucky, because if he woke up at night, he didn't look for it, it wasn't a problem if he didn't get it back or he couldn't find it later. I have heard from many places that you need to get your bed filled with pacifiers to make sure you find one at night and not fall asleep. This could be a creative request, but I think for a fucked-up business, it could be a big deal.
The cumirul should be is included in the formation of the denture. And if you're a dummy, choose something that "chews your teeth." There are a million types on the market, either trusting a brand or reading up on the latest developments. Of course, it's just one thing if the super-gums don't accept any of your kids ...
Larger puppies can develop a form of cum. I do not like to use this word, because if one is paying attention, we can talk about a simple habit.
My younger son, on the other hand, does not tolerate any substance in the mouth. He's very stomachy! I see what it's like when we're not using it pacifier. Man's nerves are cured, and the soul of the child is persuaded by the painful thirst.
Andrea, Budapest, mother of two boys

It's just another thing to look out for

I don't love the pacifier. With a baby, I feel as if their mouths were closed, as if no one listens to what they want, it's just like silencing them. Larger windows also display a kind of "baby mummy", which is equally annoying as you can't understand what your child wants to say.
Mбsrйszt I don't like that message spirituallywhat the parents say. I just feel like a tiny baby, and besides, the little one is begging for something synthetic, like saying to the parent to "stay silent!" instead of trying to help themselves with the problem.
I also have a practical point: would I be sure if I had to keep an eye on an object so that we were always there, not to mention when the little one clings to a type? until the end, I worry about being pulled out of the market.
Julia, Budapest, mother of two children
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