Do you have to tell these things to your mother-in-law?

Do you have to tell these things to your mother-in-law?

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You probably have already received comments about your pregnancy from your relatives, friends, and colleagues that you didn't like. Although they think they are nice, maybe funny, they are very happy!

Watch what you say to a baby!

Probably the fault of pregnancy hormones, maybe people, but there are things that really don't tell a baby. What do we mean? Read what a mom with a baby who has probably got as much from her acquaintances as possible ... These are the saddest comments you've heard during her pregnancy:"You're big."
"Are you always pregnant?"
"It's like you're always pregnant."
"The baby is in your tits?" (Well, this mother's little kids asked, dear, right?) But the most harsh sentence she didn't get was that of her own mother. While the playwright was rocking his young children, his mother came to him and said, "makes you look like you are always giving birth!" And this was when his mother was just 6 months pregnant. It may have been a good feeling for him, nothing to do… The little baby is sensitive, especially if you belly your belly and body, so you better keep it to yourself, even if you want to be nice to him. The feelings of pregnant women are fading, you never know how they react to a "bull", with 50% chance of being called a bad name. Unless you want to say that "god, you are victorious!", or that "you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen", then keep your opinion.It's a sentence that always comes to mindif you meet a baby: "your pregnancy is very good for you". Do not say more or less if you want something good.Related Articles:
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