And when is mother born?

And when is mother born?

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Probably everyone is counting the beginning of motherhood from somewhere else: from conception, from birth, to first breastfeeding, or even afterwards, when you first feel at ease.

And when is mother born?

One of the most interesting requests is that exactly what you can do with the sense of parenthood. English researchers have explored the stages and key factors of motherhood, one of the most important transitions in women's lives. The aim of the research was to process this topic, which has been lacking in the literature, and to determine whether there is a need or need in the mother's choice that needs to be addressed.

Milestone in early pregnancy and after childbirth

Interview with mother of thirteen. Between the ages of 17 and 38, South West England mother-in-law was contacted within 6 to 15 weeks after birth. The central focus of discussion and research is Change of image was, according to their results, three main factors influencing: how much control they have over their own lives, how supportive they are, and how the family is deceived. These are the factors that most affect how a woman can confidently, self-identify, experience certain stages of pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth, and the younger period. early pregnancy or shortly after birth. They have come to the conclusion that this is the two stages in which women's previous expectations are the furthest from the current currency situation. In many cases, it is very difficult to process, for example, pregnancy loss due to nausea, physical difficulties, or profound changes in body shape, body consciousness - the first time a mother expects her child to lose her body for the first time And in the third trimester and the baby. However, the childhood period repeats much more humanly than many would expect. Not only physically, but also because of the responsibility, insecurity, and emotional fluctuations experienced. For many mothers, this is one of the most exhausting and also the happiest condition they have ever experienced.

Not a lonely genre!

There is something that can significantly ease the burden of these difficult times: support for the environment. Plays an important role in the ъjdonsьlt йdesanya anyjбnak, pбrjбnak йs those йdesanyбknak who have the same йlik бt йppen the vбrandуssбgnak йs the babagondozбsnak hasonlу szakaszбban often adуdik under vannak.A terhessйg lehetхsйg get to know these anyбkkal (pйldбul the szьlйsfelkйszнtх courses), йs akбr the szьlйs you can keep in touch afterwards. However, according to the researchers, difficulties occur early in conception, so that women can be given access to health workers during the family planning phase. So they get the widest support possible for women at the earliest opportunity, Likewise, at home, more and more mothers are asking for advice, from doctors, where to find a community or group to answer your questions, and where to listen. According to the researchers, the choice of mother is a matter of fact long process, starts with conception, and ends somewhere in the months following birth - the five cows are long, well, if you don't have to go through it alone.Forrбs: Darwill, R. - Skirton, H. - Farrand, P. (2010): Psychological factors that impact women's experiences of first-time motherhood: a qualitative study of transition. Midwifery, 26 йvf., Issue 3, June 2010, 357-366.o.