The fetuses will develop inside the uterus

The fetuses will develop inside the uterus

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In fact, fetuses are healing in the uterus, a British research group said, but it doesn't depend on luminosity, but on brain development.

The 4D and 5D Ultrasound Imagery as Seen by Professionals needed for brain development. In fact, yoga and other similarly complex muscle movements send nerve impulses to the brain to "program" it for normal functioning, says MTI.

Do you bother or teach?

The proliferation of this new type of ultrasound can be seen in many ways as the fetus "бsнt". This provoked a controversy among researchers, who were of the opinion that the little ones just chatter. However, after a follow-up examination of 15 healthy fetuses, staff at Durham University in the UK are now confident that this is not the case. Analyzing images taken between weeks of pregnancy, we observed how long fetuses keep their mouths open until they "click" and how long they close their mouths. These data are different in the case of simple support and compensation.
According to their results, the frequency of teaching - that is, when the little ones kept their mouths open for significantly longer than the time they closed - was twice as simple as "helping" the experts in PLOS ONE.
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