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PCOS - Helping the Paleolithic Diet?

PCOS - Helping the Paleolithic Diet?

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Can the Paleolithic Diet Help During Pregnancy? An exciting request that may come up in numerous followers of the popular method.


A book from the Stone Age diet suggests a direct correlation between insomnia and polycystic ovarian syndrome, and solves the problem of cereal among others.
Since I feel like I may be affected by this problem, and have been looking forward to getting pregnant, I thought I'd try the Paleolithic diet to help me out. What do our experts think about this? Do you think PCOS can cure the Paleolithic diet?
Mariann, email

Dr. Boros Judith's Choice:

Certainly not the paleolithic diet was not good for humansif you do not have a serious illness (such as kidney, liver disease, diarrhea). That is, if you want, you can safely do a pruba. In recent years, women who have PCOS in the background of complaints have often come to me.
One of the first things you should do is clarify whether type 2 diabetes has occurred in the family, because it is much more PCOS kockбzata. Because of the light on insulin resistance during tests, we increasingly believe that this is the true cause of this multifaceted disease.

Can the Paleolithic Diet Help?

It is also my experience that adherence to dietary advice and lifestyle changes in the vast majority of cases itself results in the loss, loss, loss, loss of skin,

Weight loss first, then treatment

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for an overweight woman in the infertility center to be encouraged to lose weight first because she works on hormone secretion and can interfere with pregnancy due to insulin deficiency. Medication may also occur, but this is not the first step. In this spirit, I recommend to my clients to spend at least half a day sweating exercise, which can be tempting walking, jogging or even having sex.

What should I eat?

The essence of dietary advice is to remove honey, sugar, bananas, grapes, white flour, yeast from diets and dairy products alone to make hard cheeses. Eat green, non-sweet fruits and meat, fish, seafood, and be on the lookout for proper vitamin intake.
It should be noted that the other family members early diabetes could also have been considered with this lifestyle change that could have significantly improved or even improved the quality of life. In addition to dieting, it is also worth examining whether this is the cause of your complaints. One of the first steps is the sugar load, supplemented with an insulin resistance test.
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