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Program tips for kids

Program tips for kids

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How do birds fly and what are the latest comics? Check out our program guide!

8. Budapest International Comedy Festival

(Free for children under 10 years old with parents!)
See who gets the best alphabet awards this year, get to know the national, polish and finnish exhibitions, and if you are interested in the comic, you can also meet! In addition, along with new editions, almost all domestic comic book selections can be purchased, and publishers also offer a number of discounts at their stands.
2012-05-12, Sat 10 am-6pm
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, Kis Rуkus u. 16-20.)

Fairy Tale - Musical "kid-color-games" with kids active participation

(5-6 years, 180 minutes)
Here, children can not only look and enjoy the show, but also actively and creatively participate in the creation: Therefore, the tale will always be different, new and spontaneous, tailored to the ideas of the day. Together with the direction and help of the master of masks, they create the stories, the costumes, the sketches and the face painting. (Because of the creative work (painting, gluing ...), matching clothes are recommended!) The program will decide on a jury of children who will receive the best prize from Chunny.
13/05/2018, Sunday 11:00 AM
Bárka Sznhhzz (1082 Budapest, 8llхi ъt 82.)

Birds and Czechs Day - family friendly

The program is full of quizzes, totes and craftsmen who are interested in the game. Picture: Bird's-eye black day
13/05/2018, Sunday 10:00 AM
Veszprém City Cultural Center and Library (8200 Veszprém, Dúzsa Gyt. 2.) Cholnoky Library

Little Birdwatcher - stamp collector program for kids

Curiosities about Bird Life: How Can They Fly? About birdwatching.
5/16/2012, Wed, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Petty Education Center (7625 Pecs, Tettye Street 9)

The star line of the Star-Eye Band

In honor of Sándor Timárr, the legendary dance teacher of the dance house movement and those who started the movement
Brothers: Ferenc Sebõ, Béla Halmos, Peter Йri, Martha Virggvlgyi, Tamás Kobzos Kiss and Graduates of the Ópuda Neapolitan School
The forty-five-year-old Tzhchbazz movement, which began on May 6, 1972, at the Liszt Ferenc Territory Book Club. Béla Halmos Parma, Ferenc Sebõ Contrast, Péter Йri haughty living Széchic music, and the dancers present gathered with Sándor Timárr, who was a member of the Bartók Troupe at the same time. The result was also acknowledged by the UNESCO Governmental Committee on Intellectual Cultural Heritage: last autumn, the Hungarian Department of Science published a model of its intro- duction of intellectual cultural heritage.
Forty years ago, musicians on the Liszt Ferenc Square recreated the song not only with their instruments but also with short stories. The Town Hall awaits the viewers to recall the mood of the event 40 years ago.
Choreographer: Timбr Sбndor
Director: Timбr Bцske
Ksener is the Chant Orchestra
May 15, 2012 Tuesday, 19 hours
Bartуk Béla National Concert Hall, Forrбs:, //, Treasure Kids Program Magazine