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They have been accused of domestic violence

They have been accused of domestic violence

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Too many cesarean sections, guts and unnecessary physical interventions for no real reason - many marched on the streets Sunday.

"The Revolution of Rouge"

"Another state of birth!" name-calling awareness tour was organized in Budapest on Sunday - The "Ruzbeck Revolution" is a grassroots initiative aimed at giving more women victims of domestic violence a bad chance. The Facebook tцbb szбz йdesanya shared kуrhбzi йlmйnyeit undue csбszбrmetszйsrхl, gбtmetszйsrхl, szьletйst sьrgetх the abdomen or kцnyцklйsrхl injekciуkrуl.Volt who complained that the prйselte szьlйszorvos kцnyцkkel belхle the babбt, and this caused a traumбt him that had jбrnia pszicholуgushoz. There were some who told me that she was going to be pregnant because she couldn't get a baby soon because of the cold. And there were those who mourned the presence of strangers.

There were more than three of them present in the lane

The men's, women's, complete family march started from the West Bank, and they stopped at the Emmi's and the Fundamental Rights Commissioner's Complaint Letters, where rugs and complaints letters were placed. The organizers of the procession read their book on Freedom Square, which calls for better information and more effective involvement of women in decision-making, as well as a review of professional directives.
The movement was joined by several obstetricians, obstetricians and dhola. At the end of the tent there was also a talk of a nun. He said that many doctors are afraid of lawsuits, so many are trying to minimize the risk, and in many places they still have to deal with their superiors if they support alternative methods of parenting.
Photo: The Revolution of Ruzzsb FB Page