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Why is breastfeeding so difficult?

Why is breastfeeding so difficult?

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After working more than a year on breastfeeding, I came to the conclusion that the basic reason is a simple misunderstanding: at first, we simply do not know what breastfeeding is!

If you're surprised now, you're not alone! I am quite sure that the majority of people think about breastfeeding in one way only. Breastfeeding = Feeding. It is not the stroke or the breastfeeding that tells me that breastfeeding is much more than one of the possible methods of breastfeeding. So if you look at yourself as a living baby bottle, and you are constantly wondering if you have enough milk in your breast (it doesn't look so light because you don't change it) then I can reassure you, not just live, but just live you are a wondrous wonder! The sensation of troubles, problems, failures, "I am fed up with this whole thing" comes from not thinking about it and making yourself aware of what you are doing when you are breastfeeding! What else is on the horizon in quantitative terms! If, for example, exclusive breastfeeding is unsuccessful, you do not have to succumb to the fact that there is nothing more than a sip, and there is nothing to prevent you from enjoying breastfeeding for yourself.
Let's talk about this in the forum! You will be surprised that most problems and requests can be traced back to the fact that you are not aware of the multifunctionality of breastfeeding. Come and ask! On Friday, March 23, I will be waiting for your requests all day!