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You can also bring the fruit to a boil

You can also bring the fruit to a boil

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On hot summer days, we consume more fluids, which are needed to prevent the heat sickness. It is especially important for small children to pay attention to this, but it is also important to keep the fluid intact.

You can also bring the fruit to a boil

If you go back to consuming fruits and juices, lightly Transient fructose malabsorption can develop, which is a characteristic symptom of aqueous diarrhea.

Transient fructose dyspnea

The consumption of fresh fruits is part of a balanced diet, as they contain not only a lot of vitamins and minerals but also a lot of fiber, so that the gastrointestinal system functions well. However, if we consume more in the long term, mellйkhatбsokat can also cause.

You can also bring the fruits to a boil

In diarrhea, diarrhea can be even more dangerous, and consuming fructose-containing foods when heated can easily do so, he warns. dr. Polgár Marianne, pediatrician of the Allergy Center of Buda, chief physician of gastroenterology. Transient fructose intolerance can occur on any skin, healthy, well developed 2-3 years old common. If a child consumes a lot of food containing fructose (fruit juice, fruit juice), the body is unable to break it down due to the high amount. The most common symptom is aqueous diarrhea, which in severe cases can cause discharge.

You do not have to give up fructose meals at the end

Fructose malabsorption can be detected by a H2 test and a glucose load. The symptoms Transition diet at the same time, the intestinal system goes after regeneration, and fructose-containing foods can be gradually reintroduced into the diet.

What should we eat during the diet?

Which is because of the high content of fructose clearly to be avoided: apples, pears, quince, figs and grapes. However, in the case of fructose malabsorption, not only the fruits, but even the crystalline sugar used for sweetening can cause stomach fat. In everyday use, crystalline sugar, powdered sugar contains rapeseed sugar, some of which is fructose, so this, and honey, should be avoided.

How can we prevent this from happening?

Dr. Marianne Polgárr emphasizes that in the field of prevention, we don't have to eliminate the fruits the order of the child. If you have a meal, a snack for your child's age, you can eat green vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The main problem, if you get almost all fruit juices during the refilling process, is that they cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Igyekezzьnk with a variety of drinks to cook the little ones in the heat. If you do not drink the water by mouth, you can make homemade fresh water by soaking fresh fruit in a glass, but with home-made lemonade or chilled fruit tea without any sugar.
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