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I was 29 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with cancer

I was 29 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with cancer

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Kata Tуth has written a special storybook for a little girl with the help of three outfits. He also told me about Sickness and the Sebaj Hair Company.

I was 29 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with cancer

"Sweet Freedom started the mission by overcoming a difficult situation," read the blog's introduction page. Please, let us know what change you made in your life in 2015. We were expecting my baby to arrive early in the summer, but unfortunately had to be born much sooner, in April, because a 29-week-old baby was diagnosed with a cancer. Luckily my little one is born healthy and everything is fine with him, thank goodness. One week after she was born, I started my chemotherapy treatment.After your diagnosis, you too began to search for practical handholds. You realized that you did not need to believe in magicians and magic methods, but in a need for some kind of safe helping hand. Who else has managed to get help with your posting?For the first time, I found an association in Debrecen, the Association of Tomorrow, or more precisely the leader, who was equally concerned before and provided me with a wealth of practical information. Among others, I can apply for Oncopsychology assistance at the Clinic. We have begun a close collaboration that continues to this day, although we do not need as much support as we did at the beginning. They taught me a lot of things in the past 2 years, how do I know to keep my own spiritual life in order, of course, help is provided whenever I ask. I have changed a lot that also supports my spiritual healing. Reading your blog, you realized how important Simonton therapy was in your healing. What did you get from the therapy? How did it help you?This the imagination is spiced up, a cure therapy specifically for cancer patients. I've always had a good time in my imagination and playing different movies in my brain, so I felt close to this kind of relaxation. But the Simonton it is much more than training my white blood cells the way they do with cancer cells. It also teaches me techniques that can be used in everyday life Make my life more conscious, I can make the problem free, I can live more easily, happily. Let's queue, for example, how to change a bad, pasted habit, how to control my will, how to resolve old bad sensations with certain individuals. Really healthy people would benefit from the therapy as well, I think a lot of it can be used for our own benefit.You were both staged and humorous at the same time, where you were arrogant that you had to go out to Hortobaby tomorrow. To cry out into the wilderness: "You have completely deserted us (…)". For your family, this was a rigorous period for a man. How do they kill you? This is your request. I want to know it and not. Everyone, both outside and outside, had suffered huge and serious losses before I was sick. Then I came here with a terrible sound. Somewhere I feel like they are in this pain I don't need to help them. I think if I'm good, I really mean good, and not just play them, then it's easier for them too. And honesty also helps them. If I tell you, for example, I feel awful now, give me some time and get myself together, then they are not going to keep going because they can't help because they can't. They also have to be honest with themselves. If something is too much and you need to pay attention to yourself, then do it because you can't sacrifice my liking. Of course, I always listened to my children outside. If I feel something is wrong with my baby, running around in small circles, I try to figure out what the root of the pity is. There may be nothing to do with the disease, but you may not be able to articulate a fear for weeks afterwards. to scream at you if something can only go so far. At first, I was still looking in the rear to see who he was, but today, that still doesn't stop me from coming out. You make a blanket in time for your patient. Tell us about the special blanket!Oh, this is a very good memory! This is also related to Simonton therapy. I had to set goals for myself, 3, 6 days, 1 year and 3-5 years. Those that is a reel, it depends on me, it may not be tied to money, but I wanted to make an example of it, and it is either for my own development or for my own good.One of my half year goals was to crochet a blanket for my little boy. Needless to say, I've never taken a binder or a hook before. For many reasons I wanted to make this blanket. First of all, because my baby boy was born two months earlier than planned and after his birth, I was not attracted to me, so I missed the time to get ready for the wedding and then. During the making of the blanket, I also decided this time to get in touch with my little son. Secondly, and in general, in life, I started something a thousand times and finished one thing. I wanted to change that too. I wanted to do something from start to finish. This blanket was good for this too. I left the finishing touches for the last minute, so I got ready a couple of hours before my due date (New Year's Eve). They have begun ringing around New Year's Eve. She's very nice, and I'm proud of her. My little boy has picked it up since then, but I can't take the world out in the garage between the clothes I picked."In 2017, Sweet Freedom Started a New Life" - you would like your blog to become a booklet for your intended therapeutic manuscript. Show me in brief how the book was born, and who are the costumers who have helped you in your birth! I intended the book - just like my Sweet Freedom blog - for internal use, that is, for family use. I remember the moment I felt myself in my baby's skin, and the way the children look at the world, so did I look through their eyes. I was wondering what was going on with my mother, why she was nervous, why she was losing her hair, what this upset was at home. This triggered me to present the events on this site, not just about me.Waiting for the examinations, the treatment sessions, I had a lot of time and got busy reading the fairy tales, reading That's how Sebaj Hair is made! Of course he was familiar with it, and at first he listened, but he was looking forward to the sequels. We laughed a lot, corrected me, even if she didn't think what I was writing, I had a partner in it, and she was looking forward to the release. So cute, he thought for a long time that there would be a book like this, and for those who had already ordered it, I'd like to give them new tales. Mailбth ​​Mуnika (President of the Hungarian Oncopsychological Society) has written about the book's suggestion, but I'm going to quote this term now. I became one of my outfitters, Munika, who is an oncopsychiatrist and also a child psychiatrist, to whom I took my baby daughter a few times. He believes in the power of creation, knows exactly how much power it can give. The other guy Bencze Anita, who without any instructions painted the story as I had dreamed of. Before she came, Anita, she painted our bedroom perfectly for one of the fabulous sets, as it looks in the currency, and the pattern of the blanket was the same as ours. Awesome for all the other details. Let's introduce a great boy too, because he really thinks he is fйrjem. It makes the background, the blog, the book's website, the book's editorial, technical details, and last but not least, lubricates my soul as light begins to break somewhere. In one of your posts, you realized that there was a certain rocker switch that you had to keep holding down with two hands at the outset to make you believe it was burning. Now how do you handle this switch?Yes, and unfortunately, the disease has come out, so I'm healing again. There is no rocker switch. In these cases, there is healing. Of course, I remember what happens when things go wrong, but Maverick Ricketl, I take the sentence I learned from the oncopsychologist: I have to stop bad thoughts right away! With the same amount of power, I can think of things going in for you! With this I have done more for my healing shit, to put my energy into this office.The book by Kata Thoth, Sebaj Hair!, Can be ordered here.Related articles:
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