Shockingly many babies get sugary sweets

Shockingly many babies get sugary sweets

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A toddler who is 1 year old regularly gives a baby a sugary food or drink before the age of 1 year, and almost every child above 1 year of age gets a sugary sweet every day.

Shockingly many babies get sugary sweets

According to the results of the latest domestic industrial research, one in ten babies under 5 years of age is potentially overweight, and 5% of them are pregnant - all of which are less than 2% more in children.In World Diabetes Day, it is especially important to note that one of the first 1000 days of conception is one of our lives. the most powerful era: with proper nutrition, we can prevent early onset diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity or type 2 diabetes in Hungary.More ... йvrхl-йvre increases by an average of 5-10%. We are also the leader of the European Union, with the highest number of deaths in Cyprus, Austria, Portugal and Croatia: more than three thousand people die each year due to diabetes, which means that every year more than 9 people die. autoimmune type 1 diabetes in childhood due to genetic factors, mainly because of an unhealthy lifestyle developed Type 2 diabetes test. "Although many have a tendency to become ill, it is important to highlight malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and the history of these, among the predisposing factors." - Erdélyi-Sipos Alnz Secretary General of the Hungarian Dietetic Association.

About half of the babies get a baby before age 1

One of the leading causes of Type 2 diabetes is obesity, which is now increasingly prevalent not only in adults but also in children: 6% of children under the age of 5 are overweight worldwide. "A toddler who is just 1 year old regularly gives a baby a sugary food or drink before the age of one, and every third family over the age of one eats the same child as the other member of the family. бsvбnyianyag-igйnye significantly different from adults. "- underlined Erdélyi-Sipos Alz." Over 1 year old almost without exception every toddler receives a daily diet of sugary food and drink, which largely contributes to the potential for every tenth baby by 2 years of age. And overweight and obesity due to poor nutrition are the hallmarks of type 2 diabetes. " Dr. István TakacsPresident of the Hungarian Primary Prevention Medical Association.

Parents' Responsibility is Key to Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

"Sensation also develops most intensively during the nutrition period, so if the parents, the baby, are not careful enough you can get used to it easily for foods that are too sweet or too juicy. However, for children, it is possible to make new teeth exciting with the natural senses of raw materials and the use of green spices. If we are not accustomed to overcooked or overcooked foods, we will be more likely to adopt foods that are healthy for our diet, "Erdélyi-Sipos Alnz said.

Proper Childhood Nutrition to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The egйszsйgtelen tбplбlkozбssal closely цsszefьggх diabйtesz vilбgszerte almost 150 milliу people йrint, but the becslйsek the nйpbetegsйgben szenvedхk szбma 2030 360 milliуt to exceed. "Bбr the cukorbetegsйg according to tudomбny today бllбsa not gyуgyнthatу, the No. 2 tнpusъ diabйtesz egйszsйges tбplбlkozбssal , and regular, active exercise can prevent children as early as toddlers. first 1000 days kцrnyezeti hatбsai - the belьl the tбplбlбs - also meghatбrozуak childhood egйszsйg megalapozбsбban, йs a felnхttkori nйpbetegsйgek megelхzйsйben as elhнzбs the cukorbetegsйg or szнv- йs йrrendszeri megbetegedйsek.A under terhessйg megfelelх tбplбlkozбs, breast tбplбlбs and baby having the right kind of nutrition has a very important role to play in preventing diabetes. " Dr. Pytta GyцrgyChairman of the Home Pediatricians Association.
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