This occurs if the child does not eat sugar for 10 days

This occurs if the child does not eat sugar for 10 days

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Tons of days without sugar. Perhaps this sounds like a lot at first. Check it out, your body will be very fat for it.

In recent years, almost everyone has become aware that Excessive sugar consumption has no effect on our health and can be the cause of ailments like diabetes, obesity, heartburn, or even cancer.Numerous statistics have reported that we consume more 375-400 thousand tons can be made. In addition, almost all processed foods contain added sugar or some form of sweetener. (Examples include glucose / fructose, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, saccharose, maltose, dextrose, cane sugar, cane sugar, dehydrated sugar cane, dextrin, maltodextrin, etc.)What effect does it have on a child if he / she does not eat sugar for 10 days? Fortunately, the fight against the "sweetheart" is by no means hopeless, in contrast to numerous other diets, and its effect can be felt and seen almost immediately in as many as ten days, researchers at the University of California, Dr. Robert Lustig led an experiment in children who were able to measure triglyceride levels of 33 on average after sugar bust, and LDL cholesterol levels were on average 5 points lower than diastolic levels. The children who took part in the study managed to drastically reduce the risk of developing diabetes in just ten days.You may also be interested in:
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