Győr Ringtone Festival: Playground turns into Győr inner cityChildren's program recommendation

Győr Ringtone Festival: Playground turns into Győr inner cityChildren's program recommendation

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About a thousand programs are waiting for the children in Győr at the eighth Győrkkc Festival, between 3 and 5 July - the Artistic Coordinator of the organizer Vaskakas Bábnnhaz.

Orsolya Sashalmi said: Between July 3 and 5, a playground will be created in the downtown area and this time the Danube Gate Square will be turned on as well. The opening of the festival will be a Belgian concert by Szaloku, who starts at 5 pm on Friday, after which Mayor Zsolt Borkai will give the children the key of the city and the day will end with fireworks.
The Szechenyi Square changes again on Saturday: small boats, water dodgers and water cylinders that can be pedaled in the boat lanes, and the traffic rules of the traffic lights can be tried.
In Kazinczy Street you will be able to play board games and logic games as well as get acquainted with the police equipment and the police car at the Győrkkc Police Station. The Military Museum also presents the weapons used during the 1848-49 Revolution and the War of Independence in a playful form.
At the Gates of Vienna you will be able to climb a pirate ship, at Messepost you will be able to try out mail, stamping, redeeming and filling out forms, and at ParaPark you will have a toy bomb. In Zeichmeister Street, we showcase practical examples of environmental and energy-saving, and set up a swing for two hundred children at a time.

Győrkkcc festival atmosphere

At the Feasts, the poets and tales of Hungarian children's literature, such as Danny Varro, Krisztina Toth, Borbaba Szabu, or Annab Szabu T. can meet the children who write their own fairy tales. At the Law, they can try out logical games, learn, draw, paint, and folding Nabi and developer toys. Later, it will be able to compete in athletics, swimming, groundball, street basketball, track and field, handball, football and water polo. The Fairy Tale Island will gуlyalбbasok, also tцbbek kцzцtt the Bуbita Bбbszнnhбz the bыbбjos padlock, the Бrgyйlus Szнnhбz and mutatjбk the Szхlхszem Kбlmбn cнmы bбbjбtйkokat, also reneszбnsz йs vitйzi jбtйkokon, knight tornбkon can rйszt йs lуversenyeken the gyermekek.A settled in eastern rйszйben Radу Island repeat the Győrkkcfalu, where the organizers recommend the programs until the age of three. There will be a Baby Garden, where the little ones will be able to bathe and crouch, and they will hold a variety of occupations for family art education.
There will be an adventure park, a stone wall, a plastic sphere and a reflex gate on the Mikhlkovich promenade, and in the Birch Grove there will be a variety of domesticated animals, birds, rabbits, pigs.
Last year's Győrkkc festival was attended by about 300,000 children.
Further information is available on the official website of Győrkőcfest


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