Two surprises for three years

Two surprises for three years

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Is it really that someone doesn't know about the pregnancy? Some people do it many times! A few years ago, during a baby's birth, a British pregnant mother found out she was pregnant - and it was only a few weeks before she was born that she was pregnant again.

The 34 years Suzanne Holsworthshe had a really surprising baby in 2015, when she found out she was going to have a baby. Now, a few weeks before she was born, on the seventh month she found out she was pregnant - now with her fifth child.In the seventh month, she found out she was pregnant As reported by The Sun, Suzanne not only had her menstrual period several times during her pregnancy, but she also lost a few pounds. One day he was ill, had abdominal pain and nausea, and even the outgoing ambulance was unsure what his problem was. "I screamed a huge one and just pointed at my pants. The ambulances helped me take off, and to my surprise, there was a baby in the ambulance's hands. It took me a minute or two to grasp my baby," he said. "I didn't believe, I drank, I lost weight, I kept training because I was getting ready for my wedding." In May 2018, Suzanne began to feel "very exhausted" and realized that she had done a little. "I was thinking my menstruation was going to be pregnant? I took a test and when my second stomach came out I started shaking. I thought I might be 6 weeks pregnant. he said. Suzanne finally completes the life given at week 38 to her child, a healthy baby. (Via)It may also be of interest
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