Long-term effects of breastfeeding

Long-term effects of breastfeeding

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Did you know that the risk of adult overload can be reduced by 4 percent every hour after breastfeeding? And that's just one of the many benefits.

Why is it so wonderful for breast milk and breastfeeding?

  • Bioactive substances and immune substances found in human breast milk they provide protection, promote the development of the immune system, facilitate the development of immune tolerance and the development of an appropriate inflammatory response.
  • Breastfeeding significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization for diarrhea or low respiratory infections, but the effect is gradually reduced after stopping breastfeeding.
  • According to some professional opinions, the risk of developing hyperactivity during infancy can be reduced by 4-4% every month after opening the breastfeeding period. However, caution is warranted in this case as well because of the potential for disruptive conditions that affect the result.
Life for the first 1000 daysso conditions from pregnancy to breastfeeding through the first two years of life can affect the long-term health of babies in early adulthood and into early childhood!

Suck the baby as far as you can!

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