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Flu Influenza Law: New Visiting Prohibition ListExhibit Visiting Restrictions in More Hospitals

Flu Influenza Law: New Visiting Prohibition ListExhibit Visiting Restrictions in More Hospitals

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Flu Influenza Law: New Visiting Prohibition ListExhibit Visiting Restrictions in More Hospitals

Further, the flu swell, about one-third of the patients are children. The BNTSZ has issued a new summary of the health facilities that have restricted attendance.

According to Wednesday's report from the National Center for Epidemiology (OEK), the flu continues to spread, with the number of patients increasing by more than 22 per week. A total of 87,500 people were referred to a doctor this week for flu symptoms. The patients were almost 31 percent children, 36 percent were 15-34 years old young adults. Approximately 25 percent of patients were in the 35-59 age group, and 8.2 percent were over 60 years old.

Children are the worst affected

Total and partial ban on visits throughout the country

Due to the law, a total or partial visitation ban has been ordered in the capital and in all counties of the country.
According to Бllami Nйpegйszsйgьgyi йs Medical Officer Szolgбlat (БNTSZ) Wednesday цsszesнtйse full kцrы ordered lбtogatбsi ban on Siklуs Kуrhбz Office osztбlyain, the Szabolcs-Szatmбr-Bereg County Kуrhбzak йs University Oktatуkуrhбz gyуgyintйzeteiben, нgy the nyнregyhбzi Jуsa Andrбs Oktatуkуrhбzban the nagykбllуi Sбntha Kбlmбn Pszichiбtriai In the Kurkhazh, in the Máthszalka Khrhaz, and in the Fehérrarmat Kuhrhaz and Gyurgyfürd.
Neither can patients be contacted in the Pest County Flurr Ferenc Kurzhazz or the Mezhctur Kuhrhazz and Orders.
Partial visiting bans have been introduced in the Karabag Kabai Gabor House and in some departments of the Toldy Ferenc Court in Cegled.
According to the public, it is not possible to visit the patients at the St. Rukus Kuhrhaz in Baja, the Semmelweis Kuhrzhaz in Kiskunhalas, the Bács-Kiskun County Kuhrhaz in Kecskemét, and the Kalocsa and Kiskunfilhegy sites.
In Baranya County, the Clinical Center of the University of Pécs, the Mohács Church and the Szigetvár MedMed Nonprofit Kft.
I have three hospitals in Békés County - in the Pandy Church in Békéscsaba, in the Oroshazi Municipal Government, and in the Rethy Pálrhztz Order.
You can not visit the sick in Borsod-Abaъj-Zemplйn County Kуrhбz йs University teacher has Kуrhбz Velkey ​​Lбszlу Gyermekegйszsйgьgyi Kцzpontjбban йs the szьlйszet-nхgyуgyбszati ​​osztбlyon the Kazincbarcikai Kуrhбz йs Nonprofit Kft., and the University of Miskolc Semmelweis Kуrhбz йs Oktatуkуrhбz each osztбlyain. In Budapest, visiting the St. Imre Kourrhaz, the St. John's Khrhaz and the North Buda United Hospitals, and some of the departments of St. Ruth's Kurrzh is prohibited in the whole territory, but it is not possible to classes.
There is also a partial ban in the Péterfy Sándor Street Kuhrhzz Order Center and Accident Center, in the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kuhrhzz Order Center. A total ban on visits has been introduced at all Semmelweis University clinics, in the St. Francis of the capital city, at the Gottsegen Győrgyzgyzgyz Institute, at the Bethesda Children's Hospital and the Hungarian Revolutionary Church.
All institutions in Csongrád, Fejér and Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County have a ban on visiting.
In Győr-Moson-Sopron County there is a total ban on visiting Karolina Kourrzh of Mosonmagyarovar, Margit Kourrzh of Csorna, the Sopron Medical Center and Petz Aladbar County Education in Kyrrh.
In Hajdъ-Bihar County, the visit ban at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen, Gyula Kuresh Kzhrzh and the Order of the Debrecen, and István Khrzhzzh Kzrzhizzh, the Tisza County of Berettyoujjov. It is also not possible to visit patients in some departments of the Franciscan Markhot School and Order of Eger in Eger, but there is a total ban in Albert Schweitzer Kuhrzh of Hatvan and in the Bugba Pug of Kuhrgyz. Three institutions in Komárrom-Esztergom County - the Lutheran Institute of Specialists and Policemen, the St. Borbaba Court of Tatabánya and the Department of St. Elizabeth of Tatras - House of St. Elizabeth - Tatabanya.
Partial visiting bans have also been introduced in several institutions in Nograd County, such as the Dr. Kenessey Hospital in Balassagyarmat, and the St. Lazabar County Courthouse in Salguttaran.
It is not possible to visit patients in the county of Pest in the Józsefs József Kúrhaz and in the Turkish lung sacs.
In Somogy County, the Kaposi Múr Oktatú Kourhazz has a ban on visiting, the institution's mosdósi and marcal sites, and the Siofok Khúzh.
In Tolna County, the ban on visiting has been introduced in János Kourhaz, Balassa, Szekszluc Kourhaz, and Bonyhurd Kourhaz, and Szekszárd.
It is not possible to visit the patients in several departments of Markusovszky University School of Vas County, or in the county of Veszprém, Jenõ Kürrzhaz of Tapolca, Ferenc Csolnoky Csolnoky of Veszprém, Erzsebet Zirci, Erzsebet Kirczh of Zirc.
Partial visitation bans typically include obstetrics, prenatal care, some pediatric wards, oncology clinics and wards, and intensive care units.