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Mysterious stories about the mother

Mysterious stories about the mother

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It is the eleventh time that its annual conference will be held by the Hungarian Pre-Perinatal Psychological and Medical Society. Year after year, wonderful discoveries come to those who are interested. Here's a little taste.

On 4-5 November 2011 at the Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium Hotel we can hear the most exciting performances of the representatives of Hungarian perinatal psychology. What does Perinatal Soul Mean? Everything that happens before, during or after birth. From the baby to the fetus and at the moment of birth, the question is how our subsequent decisions affect our destiny beyond our childbirth experience.

The missing twin

Corniche of Szeged, Krivbn Martha йs By Petra it also addresses the question of what effect it can have if two (or more) embryos that have begun to grow in the womb die in the early stages of pregnancy, while the other develops. This phenomenon is not uncommon and, according to research findings of recent years, it has an effect on a surviving, wholly born twin, even if he or she could not have a dead twin.

Oxytocin is a miracle

As we have repeatedly said, the effect of the hormone oxytocin is not limited to the smoothing of the smooth muscles of the breast and breast during childbirth and breastfeeding. Katalin Varga we learn that oxytocin produced by the female body plays an important role in the regulation of the senses in the brain. This insight, not just from animal experiments but also from observations in humans, gives practitioners good reason to review the almost routine practice of parenting oxytocin.

Much like it ...

Not only us parents, but the overwhelming majority of professionals feel that out-of-home care is not really effective. It simply does not adapt to today's conditions and we do not dare to expect it because we are pregnant now, we are born, we are raising small children now. Zsuzsanna Turks psychologists encourage listeners to consider with others, in other countries, how to deal with perinatal depression, so that we find an opportunity that we might well use in practice in Hungary. Ondi-Pancholi Lнvia Listening to the PhD introduces the pre- and perinatal psychological practice of the United States. Diana Dweik and Gyula Mássros observe the cesarean section of the survey worldwide and present the results of their test case study, which reflects the Hungarian situation.

And my body

Multiple lectures and workshops address the relationship between body, movement, and the postpartum period. In addition, there will be many interesting lectures, case studies, and experiences that can be important guidance for professionals and "civilian" parents for what is most important to all of us: giving the baby the best, the baby, the best.


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