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The Catholic Church recommends this instead of the flask procedure

The Catholic Church recommends this instead of the flask procedure

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A method of natural conception, the so-called NaProTechnology, is recommended by the church instead of the flask procedure. However, the method is not taken seriously by professionals in Medder.

The Catholic Church recommends this instead of the flask procedure has followed what NaProTechnology is what Blood Andrbs The bishop, in a speech dated August 20, in an interview with the Little Plain, suggested that the infant couple be solved. As we know in the solemn speech, the bishops called the flask procedure sinful and those who participated in it were sinful. Blood bishops in interviews in Western Europe and the United States are known and widespread NaProTechnology, or Natural Reproduction Technology ajбnlotta. According to the bishop, this is a method of natural conception that, contrary to the flask program, actually "cures sterility" and the "natural conception" of several childbirths considered to be infertile. According to, the support of the church is strong, and the newspaper knows that the members of the Bishop's Conference are not united in its fulfillment. For example, in obedience education, almost exclusively the obsolete method of hymnism is recommended to the attention of married women. Not based on your body temperature check, but based on other signs. Fertility educators will teach you this candidate and if you have a properly completed three-cycle diary, you may see your doctor in March. From these records, the doctor will often know what the problem is in the background. After investigating the causes of infertility, it is followed by its elimination, either by medicine or by surgery. The point is that fertilization takes place over the course of a few months. Doctors who are knowledgeable have advised against the method that "fertility alerting" goes a long way, for example, because of the lack of ovaries or ovaries. And the head of a home fertility clinic willing to speak without a name said that a large portion of their patients would use NaPro as much as the church had to say. 5 years ago we started to establish it in Hungary, Dr. Tуth Бgnes and five counselors. At present, they are practically incapacitated because two doctors are in a state of permanent denial. Бgnes Tуth, who is now in Норг.Natro's native natives are not stating that everyone has a method: they recognize on their website that the procedure can not help with the above or for example the production of sperm. Tуth Bnes does not want to get involved in a successful parent debate because, as he said, it is like apples are likened to a circle.If the NaProTechnology method Thomas W. Hilgers he found that he wanted to live up to the Vatican's standards. Hilgers VI. Pope Paul was inspired by the 1968 Encyclical, Humana Vitae, which outlined the writings of good birth control in the Catholic week, so that artificial fertilization is not acceptable. but it was created in Omaha, Nebraska, in VI. The Pope's name is the Bear Institute. Hilgers' method is most widely used in the United States. Hilgers received a great deal of damage and the method failed the test of scientific control: few samples that could not be replicated by other independent examinations. Higlers considers his method a success, although no scientific review has supported it, believing that he has refurbished the cauliflower and opposes the flask process, which he claims is unethical, costly and ineffective.
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