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Gymnastics - the floating nightmare

Gymnastics - the floating nightmare

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During pregnancy, physical activity is equally beneficial for the baby and mother. But we find that our increasingly heavy bodies are protesting against strenuous movements. Our health and well-being are the best at helping and enjoying the water.

Our oldest element is water

Slight weight, even when pregnant, is enough to cause the body to tilt out of its normal balance. The doctors told me to pregnancy gymnastics exercises are effective. The good part of mothers who are harder to move in the blessed state is not being able to persuade themselves to exercise excessively. Our oldest element, water, always comes to our aid.
In the water our blood circulation is up to date, our spinal column, our stores can be easily worked with minimal pressure. If we consider the soothing, comforting effects of the waves around our body, we can hardly imagine a more comfortable exercise for a pregnant woman than exercising underwater. walking in water. It only takes a few minutes to refresh, but if you want to be completely "restored", you can walk up to 30 minutes on the water with fewer breaks. Let's start the exercise in ankle water. Push our soles firmly down to the bottom of the pool, then rest on the tip of your toes to rest on our heels. The exercise serves to strengthen the legs. Gradually we can move inward enough to reach the height of the water.
The braver ones can go deeper. The water resistance works well for the feet and thigh muscles. If you're in good shape and your pregnancy is not advanced, you can finish the exercise with a 5-minute jog. This is the best method of preventing cellulite. A complex form of exercise that is pleasantly worked by all our bodies. Everyone can "pace" according to their individual rhythms and physical abilities. Without this strenuous exercise, exercise will ease your breathing, strengthen your back muscles, and shape you well. At the same time, we use a foot technique directed at the lower layers of water. The not-so-"academic" mold is a great advantage in preventing back bending.
The circulatory system is sparkling in a fun way, lower temperature water does not threaten the health of either mother or baby. Let's not get into it, let's just knit in our own rhythm. Give yourself up to the limitless float and stay in the pool until we get lost. The only reason for the loss is the spike in the feet.
It is advisable to replace the bust with a few spells. Expand our feet and arms in the form of a starfish. We can support our body with a flat object at the shoulder and at the knee height. This positive provides total relaxation and healthy baby comfort. As we were replacing our weightless legs as if they had been replaced, our entire body was wonderfully refreshed. Moreover, our soul and spirit are "renewed."
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