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For the third time, baby kayaking is not the same

For the third time, baby kayaking is not the same

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Have you checked that your prospective doctor has helped bitch children? Did you count almost the men back in two ultrasounds during your first pregnancy? And what if you are a third time pregnant?

Esther Anderson, blogger made a little sarcastic, honest video that everyone who has had more than one child can easily identify. , medium, or large correct grade.First pregnancy: Why do you call breakfast bad? All day long! I've tried gummy tea, grated gummy, gummy gummy, gummy gummy, but…
Third pregnancy: I'm a Ramatyul, but I have to keep the others alive, so the guard is good when you are here.First pregnancy: The brand new baby can be shaped in 12 different styles, so he will sleep in it as well.
Third pregnancy: There's no room above, so we put this portable baby in the living room.First pregnancy: No feta, raw fish, caffeine or nasi.
Third pregnancy: Kбvй? Yeah, well that's what you need to stay alive!First pregnancy: What's going on? In fact, because of its ability to detect light and darkness in the nerves of the eyes, we want to flash my belly every day to better prepare for the world of the skin.
Third pregnancy: There? Lots of gas, a little reflux, just the usual. Yeah, what's going on with the baby? Uh, it's growing ...First pregnancy:I can't wait to have us with you!
Third pregnancy: Хszintйn? I can't wait to have us with you!
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