7 Tips: Prepare your dam for birth too! (X)

7 Tips: Prepare your dam for birth too! (X)

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Before birth, we go to yoga class, deliver our baby to the hospital, learn some relaxation and first aid, but the body is where we look at the child, not much.

However, there is much we can do to protect the barrier from possible damage, to overcome obstacles that can be avoided by pushing and then pushing back, and to achieve results that are as good as possible. Get your mind up! I'll share what I learned in the trenings.


The idea has begun picking exercises, tightness does not significantly strengthen the abdominal muscles. Do you believe that occasionally stopping, holding back, or possibly urinalysis in the bus stop would target the Goth area! Intimtornбt it is worth learning more about it, doing it in the gym, with the help of a book, DVD, but most of the training, because we can expect the most ready for birth! In addition to learning about the musculoskeletal system, courses also provide other information that can help with physical and mental preparation. If you are more flexible in your joints and your muscles are strengthened, any weight loss you may have during childbirth will heal more easily if you are not resting immediately after your child's birth. Gothic gymnastics can be learned throughout the exercise.

If you have to go…

During the breeding period, the bee grows smaller and has less room for hъgyhуlyagnak, we need to pee more often, and stress incontinence is not uncommon (with a gymnastics level that can be restored). If we have to go, let's go, don't let our body down!


Do not wear shoes during pregnancy: it affects our barrels and belts very much by weight, but if we carry heavy weights, it increases. "Stinging" can have a weak effect on the goiter muscles, cut the ribbons, and play a role in the development of the gold ring, goiter and vaginal sinuses, which can make your life painful after birth too.

Frequent advice to loosen the barrier from week 35 with the help of barrier massage oil, inserted into the vagina

Relax up and down!

Paying attention to relaxation can help a lot in the birth process. If you manage to relax our face, our upper body, the Goth section will be relaxed as well. For example, relaxing your mouth can be a great chore.


Frequent advice to loosen the barrier from week 35 with the help of barrier oil, inserted into the vagina. The vagina, on the other hand, is specifically an area that responds to our internal condition (head-to-head), but does not they were relaxed in childbirththat we were lubricated before the dam. In addition, we can never do the movement with such a big tummy, so we are left with the often painful process. If we stay with the bribe, a hьvelybe do it uninvited, stroking the barrier with some vitamin E oil, as it can have a good effect on the fall and even sexuality.

Workout in the fall

It is possible to continue physical training during baby killing, but this is in itself a very inaccurate tip: choosing exercises that do not involve jumping, jerking, lifting heavy weights, because they can be very stressful. Similarly, avoid deep crooks, performed in very wide swaths butt and comber, because in such a case the support of the lower organs is not so good, my buttocks cannot hold them sufficiently efficiently.

How are you?

If we live, we give the lower abdominal organs less, so much more pressure is applied to the abdomen, and the lower abdominal straps are exposed to more strap.

+1: Relax after your baby!

It's a good idea to regenerate your belly tapes when you spend the first week after birth: let's get to know the baby and leave home work for the rest!


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