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3 creative drawing game ideas

3 creative drawing game ideas

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Fun, boring games that only require paper and pencils.

What I learned with my kids is that the simplest, most casual games are often the most entertaining. Kids have such a fantasy of giving them enough paper boxes and playing with them. This is the case with paper and pencil. There is almost no kid who does not like to draw and color, and with these games, drawing becomes even more important.

1. Saying

Point, point comma is known to every adult, right?
Point, point, comma, the head is ready.
Small neck, big belly, ready for turkey bass.There are white spots in a red circle,
just count it,
they became sick.
There are six pieces, that's not enough,
I need a seventh here.
If you have all the rings,
the ladybug is ready!

2. Make it out!

Daddy and Jin's tale was very much loved by the kids, which gave the idea of ​​the following games. Let's draw some shape, a line on the paper that the kid needs to add. For smaller children, it is worth drawing some form, circle, and square, and for larger children, one or two lines. It is very interesting how many drawings can be created.Originally, I drew a circle and 2 triangles on this image.

3. Funny animals

Fold two A5 sheets of paper, then one player draw an animal head, stalk, then fold this, the other player draw feet here. When it's ready, fold it out and see what's ready.If you are more, you have to fold as many parts as you want to play, and you can also draw people like hair, head, body, foot, shoes, in order. On the folded paper, you have to draw the drawing up to the fold line, and then the following, and so on.You have to read it!
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