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"I'm proud to be a parent"

"I'm proud to be a parent"

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Dinnes Szabraz's most successful year was 2012. Elected to be the sweetest guy of the year, he received the Son of the Year award. And your baby son, Dani.

Dinnes Szabraz, Ildikou Boysmad and their little boy Dani

- On Fridays, birth started on the 13th.
- Yes, two weeks ahead of schedule. At two o'clock the end of the rehearsal, and a sms came that the water was running out, I ran to the subway. But I hurried unnecessarily because the cavernous was open, but the cobwebs didn't start. After waiting for seven hours, the doctors went home to sleep and finally called oxytocin for help. Six urns have given birth to our son, Dani. It was fantastic. Afterwards, I realized that I had stayed positive all the time, and for a moment I was not afraid that something was going wrong, even though my wife screamed that she wouldn't go any further. (Laughs.) I kept encouraging him, massaging his waist. I'm a little bit proud to do so, but of course my wife was all respect, a miracle, as she ended it. It was a pretty procession.
- Do you remember the moment you saw the kid?
- Well, then I was a little excited. Because he was in the baby channel for so long, he was very heady and I was scared to stay that way. The doctor could have watched me because he was reassured that almost every child would give birth and then drop off. I didn't believe it, I was completely ready, asking everyone if his son looked like him. But he was improving day by day, perfectly fine. Everyone, calm down, it's a natural phenomenon. Even so, because it had turned blue under the light, it was rude to see my son in an incubator.
- What was your first thought when you became a father?
- Yeah. We've been living with my wife for six years, and we wanted some kids. We didn't have our own apartment, and I didn't insist that we should definitely get one until birth.
- Money matters more, since when are you a father?
- No more. I grew up never being raised by money, they taught me to do what I have. I'm lucky money always came when I really needed it. Of course, you have a greater responsibility than before, and it is also natural for you to put your needs back, since your wife and your child are more important.
- Do you miss something in your old life?
- Not really. I went to drink with my old friends yesterday, but when I woke up in the morning, I didn't feel like college years were so bad when we did it every night. I've already killed myself. I felt good yesterday, but for half a year I certainly won't go crying. If my son goes to high school, I'll have more time. My friends know I will come back once.
- How can you reconcile fatherhood with a triathlon?
- It's very hard because I work a lot, I shoot, I work. When I go to sleep or run in duluth, my conscience is that I have not rushed home to the child. For example, this morning I saw an eagle by the time I get home, asleep. But I don't give up on coaching, so I do it three times a week.
- You are always pushing the boundaries, you are also driving better results in sports. How well did the kid feel?
- If you really want something, it is not the right word or it is not the right expression. The previous ad hoc life doesn't work so I think, so I go. So if I have a whole week to spare, I can't just jump into Tatra.
- In one interview, when you talked about highschool, you said your son would play karate.
- Everywhere I read that Aries kids need to be trained for fighting, they calm down because Aries is brutal. However, elite sports are an easy request. You start to train at the age of three or so, take you to the swimming pool every morning, six years later you find out that you are not as powerful ... give up. Secretly I want to be a serious athlete, my wife is a science or musician. I think the whirlwind is perfect because your fingers don't go out, you can play the piano if you want. (Laugh.)
- Do you consider the horoscope in your education?
- Sure you have a base. I think Aries are more difficult to handle than others, Aries and stubborn. So let's say I'm Pisces, we're not simple, but for us, sensitivity, sentimentalism, and wakefulness are characteristics. I'm not very concerned with horoscope, but there is truth to it.
- You once said he was hysterical as you were.
- My mother used to tell me that I was three-year-old, I didn't let them sleep, I woke up tiredly, every night through the night. But when I said that, Dani was two months old, cried a lot, and still sucked. Now she goes to bed at eight, sleeps six.
"Then don't you toss on the patio at night?"
- That was the second and third day. We brought him home and so moved that we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. My wife told me to bring her to the Janos hut. I called the ward and asked if she had a first child. "Yes? Then just walk with him a little." It was a good time, I went out on the patio at night and danced there. Attуl calmed down.
- Do you always know the stories right down to the first line?
- Yeah, I'll spend the rest on that. Although we are resting the tale now, we are celebrating more sleeping songs. My wife sings a lot more, she knows a lot of songs. And I'll start one, and I'll spend some mess on it. In kindergarten, the kid will push all these stupid things.
- Are grandparents trying to get into parenting?
- My parents live in Slovakia, but distance is not a problem. My mother is a teacher, she only leaves her job if she is sick, so she has us less than my wife's mom. But we often go home and I get the kid out of my hands and I don't see it for two days.
- Your boss lacks work?
-Very. You are also very eager to go back to the Budaörs playground.
- Baptism? - It was, in June.
- I found it interesting that you play a priest - you say Buddhism is the closest thing you can get.
"Religion itself is not appealing, but the world of Buddhism that is up in the Himalayas, people living in monasteries, but so am I with Christian monks living in Italian monasteries." I am attracted to the pure life that can only be found in the mountains. I also chose a sublet to be close to nature.