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If your kid is talking about gum - Causes and what to do

If your kid is talking about gum - Causes and what to do

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There can be countless reasons for anxiety: curiosity, boredom, stress, habit or even inducement. Disease is one of the worst childhood habits along with fingering, nasal cleansing, curling, and gnashing of teeth.

Most children withdrew from the environment on their own

In many cases, it persists in adulthood. As children grow, the pressure on them is increasing, nervous, tense. This is often invisible to parents. If your child is only mildly scratching (not hurting his fingers) if Unconsciously doing it (e.g., in the midst of survival) or if something stressful situations (such as before a medical exam or some kind of school exam) you react so you don't have to worry. we'll give you some tips on how to quit roula.

So get it off the hook

Name the cause of your anxiety.In the long run, it can be helpful to put an end to your annoying behavior by discovering what stress your child is under. If you find out what you're upset about - moving, choosing a family, going to school, moving to a piano evening - talk to him about more. Of course, it's easier said than done. "I know you just want to perfect your teeth!" "Maybe with this funny sentence, you can get him to open up and tell you what he's worried about." Don't punish him!Unless you want your child to quit on their own, there is not much you can do. Like other nervous habits, anxiety is unconscious. If you punish him for that, it will be of no use. Many adults have some form of anxiety. If you are so distracted by horror, then set boundaries, such as "don't worry about your desk." This is just as simple and as good a rule as when you say "don't feed your dog on the table". Don't say "stop worrying! I can't stop it!" Because it can lead to a very long and hard-fought power struggle. If you do your job, it will make your child more stressful, which can lead to poor habits. Rather, cut your nails neatly and tell her to wash your hands often. If you paint your rubbing with some bad nail polish, it will be punished. The smaller the buoyancy you make about the damage, the more likely it is that he or she will stop when he or she is ready.Help him if he wants to stop.If your friends are already teasing your child, you will probably want to stop worrying about it. This will require your help. But first, make sure you love it even if the gum is ugly. Then find the solution.Tell her about her bad habits.After you told her why the bad thing was going to happen, ask her what she wanted from you. Do you warn me, for example, when you find yourself laughing at your scum? Older children like to get involved in their activities to a lesser extent.Be aware of bad habits.Encourage him to pay more attention when and where he is talking about his debris. Always tell him if he is talking about his gums, touch him gently or speak a password. A physical reminder can be very useful, but only if your child decides to do so. If not, it will be punishable.You can help by sticking it for a couple of weeks or applying some coatings to it. If you decide to apply some bad nasty things to your scabs, look at the ingredients, because if you have pepper and the rub on your baby, it will sting. Babies are in a better position to have a nice little manicure. Find an alternative.Suggest something else instead of asking for action. Give him a stone to keep in hand as you read. Practice the new routine for a few minutes in the morning before you go to school or in the evening before going to bed.You can also learn some relaxation exercises. When you feel that you want to scratch the gum, take some air or squeeze it and let go of your hand. If he is old, teach him how to use the nail file and keep one on his bedside table next to his bed. There are children who take up the profession of the craftsmen because they take their hands off and relax at the same time. If you learn to play a musical instrument, you can forget about it. Prуbбld, prуbбld, prуbбld!If the first method does not help, try the other one. Everybody else decides, so don't give up. The older your child is, the more likely he or she is to try to stop suffering. Remind yourself and yourself that it is difficult to give up bad habits, but the two could be capable of anything. You will need a lot of love and attention, but you will find that patience and perseverance bring success.

When do you have to worry about being distressed?

Rarely can be a sign of severe anxiety. If your child is bored because of bad habits he bites his fingers to the bloodif you are also worried about exercise (types of hair, eyelashes, skin) and if you are having trouble sleeping, consult your pediatrician. Also consult a specialist if the condition is sudden and severe.Source the article here.Related articles in the topic:
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