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Breastfeeding - Father

Breastfeeding - Father

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Szoptatбsrуl? After all, that is a very woman thing! What can a man do that? Many times even fathers who are enthusiastic about the prospect of wanting, and of course they would help if we knew how to do it.

Breastfeeding: Milk quantity may not be a problem

As a father, he is so conscious of his place and role in the success of breastfeeding.

1. The Precision Who Measures

Trying to start with specifics, he asks: how much does a child need to eat? After that, she sucks before and after making notes, and bases them on what to do. If you need to, you can warm up the baby as soon as you think the baby has breastfeeded enough, do not let it rest on your breast, and comfort your baby for a long time.

2. Who is fed up with the ribbon and cup

She is bad at being overwhelmed by the excess of her husband, insecure and out of place, even though she cares nothing for the baby. There is no ironed shirt and no hot dinner, so the potty goes crazy: if breastfeeding is such a macerating thing, give your baby more nutrition!

3. Who does not believe in him

She doesn't really believe that breast milk is really impenetrable. But he thinks it would be much easier without him. You see every single reason for the initial difficulty in breastfeeding alone: ​​It makes me a nerve wracker!

4. Who only listens to professionalism

From the point of view of the end result, it probably does not matter, as the expert says. The bottom line is that neither the mother nor the baby nor the mother is on the ball. He notes that many people say a lot, so they jump to the most popular.

5. Who you don't care about at all

That's what I'm sure to miss! - he says, and he does. You go home, go on a multi-day countryside trip, or simply lock into your room to do business. And really, anything goes, х as if he wasn't there. And now the introduction of the sixth-grade father is somewhat more detailed, in the hope that others might consider his activity as a good example. I deserve to tell you about them, I don't really appreciate the bitches!

6. The suave father

Initially, it was natural for me to call someone who has a breastfeeding problem, that is, the mother. So I was a little surprised to receive "five" who decisively and clearly stated what the problem was, and then asked me repeatedly and several times a day to see the baby and the wife. (I can only schedule time for personal appointments in rare and serious cases, when it is quite impossible to clear the problem over the phone.) the baby simply couldn't suck. Minority was in good shape, and it was against its considerable weight. In the hospital, we said the mother had no milk. But in reality, the little ones are like that she had a developmental disorder that prevented her from breastfeeding. This soon came to light when we tried to breastfeed with mild force. At the same time, we found a solution that made breastfeeding possible for almost a year, since there was no need to use proper milking methods. The father offered invaluable assistance in not being able to call this lightweight situation he was beside his wife, not looking for the error, but calling for a breastfeeding advisor. It's been a bit since then, and now it's all right.


Of course, the problem is rarely as serious as in the previous story. Sometimes it's just that moms are simply fed up with everything, they don't know who to listen to, and they would most likely be eliminated - if they could. That's when it's time for Dad! He thinks about the problem, then inquires in a friendly circle about what others have done in a similar situation. Get a good tip for you: call a breastfeeding nurse.We talk to our dad for a long time, we clear everything from mountain to mountain, but there are some questions she can't answer: how she feels when her baby is breastfeeding. That's when the rescue idea comes in: start a conference call! So we're three on the line. I hear the cracked voice of his wife, the proverbial requests of the male (we make notes in the middle of the conversation). In the end, I think we've managed to move on a bit. As long as the final period is over, every night comes, the conference call comes, which is still directed by the man, but the voice of his superior is more and more ringing day in and day out. The situation is sorted out a little. The baby is growing, milk is enough, the peace is complete. Months later, Daddy comes closest when he wants to suck an umbrella or a mammary gland pops up. He still feels the problem, with his full breast busting his "conference call".

It's a hands-on task

The little girl was in her mother's womb. It looks like it is kicking the head completely and pushing the strain. Since you've spent a long time in this posture, you can still feel the strange headrest out there, which will recover from it for weeks on end. The problem is just that he always backs his head while sucking, the nipple keeps falling out of my mouth. Just to keep it in there somehow, you have to push and pull it back. The result was, of course, a fairly severe nipple wound, and since the milk could not cool enough, the inflammation of the breast could occur at any moment.The father it certainly cannot be the natural component of breastfeeding. It was obvious that in such cases it was not necessary to buy a nipple but to seek advice from a breastfeeding nurse. I came and we tried to put the baby together. After discussing the fact that the special headrest was causing the transition problems, it was only after finding the right breastfeeding breaks. This was initially a daunting task. Daddy stayed home, kept the soul in the upper hand, because the pain, even when it was alleviated, did not pass from one day to the other.

Poor first aid

I have experienced many times how expertly and efficiently a priest solves certain problems without any encouragement or breastfeeding advice. It reminds me of an "A" who had a nipple inside. In the hospital, she got a bunch of nipples, so it was harder for her baby to breastfeed her mother. Then came the papa menth's idea: before breastfeeding, she reversed her exterior nipple by weakly but firmly pronouncing it. that it could not be breastfed.

A reward for praise

"Z" told me that initially his nipple was very sensitive, it wasn't good for anyone or anything. Then came breastfeeding and everything was: wounding, chest inflammation, pain. He hadn't thought to give up for a minute, but he had some very sad days. Her husband stood by her side. He could not advise anything, but if he asked for a "Z" warm compress or drink, he would take it, even in the middle of the night. When the baby was sucking at night, he was awake. When she was in despair, she always welcomed her, caressed her, rubbed her back, her head, and praised her breasts whenever she could. Finally, Z has been breastfeeding for years, and her relationship with her breast has slowly changed. He learned to love and appreciate his body, and at the same time noticed that he could enjoy the touch. It was a public part of having her nipple hardened over the years, but the most important advice and help was just the love of her husband. If you get stuck, here's the help: La Leche League Hungary
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